Kefir to lose weight at home up to 10 kg in 15 days!

Kefir to lose weight at home easily and quickly works, because new strategies and different approaches to lose weight are the focus of professionals. Such clinical research requires a thorough and thorough understanding of the human body, especially the digestive system.

The mechanism of metabolism and digestion is being extensively studied, many studies suggest exploring these mechanisms in different ways to cause weight loss, such as eating foods that increase metabolism , burning more calories, or consuming foods that suppress appetite, to name a few. a little.

Gut microflora has been found to influence the body’s metabolism , influence body weight and food intake, as well as control inflammation to some extent. Probiotics beneficially modulate the intestinal microflora. In addition, we are going to investigate the use of one of these probiotic drinks ‘ kefir for weight loss ‘.

Kefir Contains Proteins That Help With Weight Loss:

Kefir is fermented milk . The fermentation process does not affect the protein content in the milk . It is a complete protein source and the whey protein present has an impact on body weight and adiposity by increasing satiety.

Casein protein, another type of protein present in milk , is known to delay gastric emptying time, which makes a person feel fuller for longer.

Other epidemiological studies also suggest consumption of dietary protein for weight loss and weight maintenance.

How to Make Kefir:

There are two types of drink that you can prepare at home: milk kefir and water kefir . The preparation process for both is very similar. See the step by step below:

Separate the kefir grains and place them in the substrate of your choice. It can be cow , goat, sheep or buffalo milk, water with brown sugar or even a juice;

Adopt the following proportion: one tablespoon of kefir grains for every half liter of liquid;

Place the mixture in a glass jar, but don’t cover it! Also, cover only with a cloth or napkin and keep the pot at room temperature;

Now, just wait for fermentation to take place to get kefir for weight loss ;

How Long Wait?

To consume a milder version of kefir , the time indicated is approximately six hours. Also, for a denser and more acidic product, leave the pot on for up to 72 hours.

Before Consuming:

Before drinking, pass the liquid through a sieve, separating the grains. But don’t throw the beans away! They can be reused to make more kefir later.

The appearance is similar to yogurt or curd. In addition, the drink can be mixed with fruits, honey , oatmeal, granola or used to make cheeses and even curd.

Expiration date:

Once fermented, the shelf life of the drink is three days in the refrigerator kefir for weight loss .


There are some important observations regarding consumption. In addition, patients taking anticoagulant medications should have no more than one small glass of kefir per day because of the high doses of vitamin K.

These remedies usually have this same property, which can end up accentuating the effect of the drug and causing a dosage above that indicated by the doctor.

Kefir diet: 

1 Day:

  • Also, on the first day we will swap breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner for kefir yogurt shakes . Doctors say that a diet based only on tea and water can be harmful to health, but a diet based on yogurt and fruit will not pose any risk.
  • Also, mix 300 ml of kefir with some fruit of your choice (I always mix it with frozen fruits).
  • Do not use fruits rich in sugar at every meal, know how to have moderation.
  • In addition, I consume up to a liter of kefir on the first day, dividing by potions at the times you prefer.

Second and Third:

Now you can consume fruits and vegetables in moderation and WITHOUT SALT! Also, always prefer dark green vegetables and citrus fruits that are low in sugar . It is permissible to make kefir boiled vegetables for weight loss .

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