Hibiscus tea recipe to lose 8kg in 15 days!

Recipe for hibiscus tea to lose weight effectively and 100% natural. because, hibiscus is a red plant with the scientific name of Hibiscus. It has considerable benefits in preventing liver damage ; relief from menstrual pain; has antidepressant properties; helps in preventing cancer and also has antibacterial properties in addition to many other vitamins and minerals.

Hibiscus also helps in lowering blood pressure and regulates blood pressure in people suffering from hypertension . It is also worth mentioning that the antioxidants present in the tea of ​​the plant still help in inhibiting the signs of aging.

However, the question that many ask is: “ How to lose weight with hibiscus tea ?” Well, to lose weight with hibiscus tea, you need to understand that it will be your ally in the process of burning fat, regularizing the intestines and fighting fluid retention.

Health benefits of hibiscus tea:

1. Prevents liver damage:

Hibiscus is highly sought after as it is rich in antioxidants , which can be great in preventing and treating various liver diseases . These antioxidants also help neutralize free radicals present in liver tissues and cells , while also having similar effects on the rest of the body. Hence, it can be extremely beneficial for your body if you use hibiscus tea regularly.

2. It has antibacterial properties:

Hibiscus tea is a great source of vitamin C , also known as ascorbic acid. Vitamin C is an essential vitamin for the body and it greatly stimulates the immune system, leaving the body ready to face a number of illnesses and ailments.

Along with the rich content of vitamin C present in hibiscus tea, its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties also help ward off illnesses like the common cold and flu .

3. Helps relieve menstrual pain:

Among the many health benefits of hibiscus tea, one of the most important is the relief it causes from menstrual pain and cramps . A large number of women suffer from extreme pain during menstruation and hibiscus tea helps to relieve it by restoring hormonal balance. In addition, restoring hormonal balance also helps to reduce other effects of menstruation, such as depression , mood swings, overeating, and more.

4. Helps in cancer prevention:

Hibiscus is also used as a rich source of protocatechuic acid , which has antioxidant as well as anti-tumor properties. The presence of this acid in hibiscus tea makes it a great remedy for slowing the growth of cancer cells. This is done by inducing a condition called apoptosis, which is also commonly referred to as programmed cell death.

5. It has antidepressant properties:

Hibiscus tea can even help women relieve the stress and depression that occur as a result of menstrual pain. Furthermore, regular consumption of this tea can also help you fight depression in general.

Vitamins and minerals like the flavonoids present in hibiscus act as highly effective antidepressants. In addition, these vitamins and minerals help calm the nervous system, creating a feeling of relaxation in the body.

Hibiscus tea recipe for weight loss:


– 2 tablespoons of hibiscus, it can be the dry bud;
– 1 liter of water ;

Preparation mode:

  1. Boil the water and then add the hibiscus in the desired shape, then turn off the heat;
  2. Then consume it still hot, preferably in the morning.
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Hibiscus tea, like green tea, is therefore today shown to be one of the healthiest drinks that you can incorporate into your diet and that can have a powerful positive impact on your health.

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