4 ways to lose weight jumping rope!

The ways to lose weight by jumping rope work, because jumping rope loses weight, burns calories and eliminates the belly by sculpting the body . In just 30 minutes of this exercise, you can lose up to 300 calories and tone your thighs, calves, butt and abdomen.

To get started, you need to invest in the purchase of a rope and a shoe that absorbs the impact well to protect your joints . It is also necessary to be careful not to jump rope over the grass (so as not to fall into holes) and on the asphalt. The ideal place to jump rope is on rugs, on a wooden floor or on a rubberized one.

How to Lose Weight Jumping Rope:

When starting, you should give low jumps and jump only when the rope is passing close to your feet for 1 minute, followed by 1 minute of rest, for up to 20 minutes in total. Posture is very important: straight back, eyes facing forward and contracting the abdominal muscles are necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the exercise.

However, to ensure healthy weight loss, it is important to avoid the consumption of foods rich in fat and sugar and to invest in foods that increase metabolism, such as ginger and green tea , and to practice exercises that favor the formation of muscles, such as weight training, for example.

Jumping rope is not suitable for individuals with joint problems , pregnant women, obese people and the elderly, due to the risk of causing damage to the ankles, knees and hips.

Tips on How to Lose Weight Jumping Rope:

How to Lose Weight Jumping Rope – Choose the Right Rope:

The right size rope allows you to complete your jumps without catching your foot on the rope during rotations. Stand tall with one foot on the rope. Raise your arms to measure the size of the rope.

The rope should not go past your armpits or below your chest. Opt for a longer rope if you’re just starting out, as it makes the moves slower. An adjustable rope comes in handy, so you can shorten it as you improve your skills.

How to Lose Weight Jumping Rope – Intensity:

Intense jump rope sessions are great at the gym, in your living room or backyard. Here are three ways to improve your workouts with these tips on How to Lose Weight Jumping Rope .

Intervals: Begin jumping at an easy pace, letting your feet hit the ground twice between each turn of the rope. Hold this pace for 1 minute, then accelerate for the next 30 seconds to 1 minute to make your heart beat faster.

Return to a slower pace and hold the intervals for 10 minutes. If this is your only cardio exercise of the day, complete this interval exercise at the beginning and end of your workouts, or add a few minutes of active rest (walking, weightlifting, sit-ups, etc) between your 10-minute sessions.

One Leg: Jumping on one leg is a great way to strengthen your knee and ankle joints, as well as your leg muscles. Keeping your focus, and all your body weight, on just one leg will take your strength to the next level quickly.

In addition, you will be able to rest one leg at a time, making you able to jump longer. Count the turns of the rope and jump 20-25 times on one leg, then switch. Jump with both feet as a break period before repeating. Repeat the circuit as many times as necessary to complete a 10-minute session.

Double Turns: As you jump, incorporate a series of double turn jumps. To do them, jump higher and twist the rope twice under your feet before touching the ground. Do 5-10 double turns, then a minute of easier jumps before repeating.

Doubt 1:

Skipping Rope Slimming Arms?

A fat located very difficult and annoying to lose is the one that accumulates in the region of the arms, causing the famous “bye”.

And the good news is that jumping also loses weight in this region of the arms! Jumping rope dries the fat from the body as a whole, not specifically from some regions; in addition, it shapes curves and tones both the areas of the arms, the belly, legs and buttocks.

Doubt 2:

Skipping Rope Lose How Many Pounds?

About 30 minutes of jumping rope can burn almost 400 calories, that is, if you practice in this minimum time for 15 days you can lose  up to 4 kg! Cool huh?

Benefits of Skipping Rope:

  • Promotes cardiovascular endurance ;
  • Improves motor coordination;
  • Strengthens lower muscles;
  • Slimming and makes you lose belly;
  • Jumping to lose weight

As you enjoy yourself, your fitness improves, a lot of calories are burned and you lose weight. But it’s not a miracle, no. Science explains. What happens is that a lot of bodily effort is required.

The muscles are intensely contracted, forcing the heart to become more active, that is, the heart rate is increased. So more blood will circulate through your body and all body functioning will be potentiated. The result is greater caloric burn. Which means breaking down of fat molecules, which equals weight loss.

Tips on How to Lose Weight Jumping Rope – Who Can’t?

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If you are pregnant or have heart problems, following the tips on How to Lose Weight Jumping Rope is not a good option. If you have any joint disease or obesity or overweight, you should not take up the activity either. Like any other physical activity, consult with your doctor before starting the practice, as it is not worth putting your health at risk without professional supervision, is it?

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