Menu to lose weight after 40 years!

This is the best menu to lose weight after the age of 40 in an easy and very healthy way, because at this age men and women need to pay attention to an important change in the body because the metabolism is no longer the same. And this affects processes such as weight loss, maintenance of muscle and bone mass, in addition to the aging of organs.

Preventing this advance is not possible, as it is part of the natural transition of life, but starting physical exercises and changing your diet can make a positive difference.

Metabolism represents a mathematical calculation that predicts the amount of calories the body needs in a day to stay nourished. An organism with a fast metabolism requires a greater amount of calories, while a slower metabolism will need less.

The drop in metabolic rate from the age of 40 onwards makes the metabolism sluggish, but the introduction of physical exercises can help speed it up, as long as they are the right activities.

Lose weight after 40:

The process of muscle gain and repair actually occurs more slowly after age 40. To circumvent the problem, the ideal is to adjust your physical activity routine by working certain muscle groups on certain days.

If you, for example, train four to five times a week, set aside one day for lower body exercises, another two days for arms, and a day of stationary cardio , according to your goals and your instructor’s directions. .

The simple trick of varying and interleaving activities into structured workouts allows muscles to gain extra recovery time without the need to cut down on time or results in the gym.

Another essential measure is to perform tests to check how your hormones are doing . The proximity of menopause causes weight gain, but it is known that resistance exercises can help with weight loss by regulating hormone levels .

In some cases, however, in addition to low estrogen levels that contribute to weight gain, a deficiency in testosterone production can make it difficult for muscles to form and metabolism to function properly .

Because there are more difficulties to lose weight at this age, it is necessary to be more careful with what you eat. But contrary to what many think, it is possible to turn your food into an ally even after that age.

There are many foods that help speed up metabolism , such foods are called thermogenic and can be very useful in helping you lose weight. Some of the foods that have this characteristic are: ginger, cinnamon, coffee, flaxseed, green tea and red pepper.

In addition to consuming more thermogenics to help the metabolism that is now in a process of deceleration, it will also be necessary to ensure that you do not consume more calories than your body needs. Fibers are great allies for this, as they guarantee a feeling of satiety as they take longer to be digested and are low in calories.

Weight loss menu after 40:


Morning snack:


Afternoon snack:


It can be either a vegetable soup accompanied by lemon juice or a meal like a salad of green cabbage, beets , grated carrots and radish with 2 medium pieces of roasted turkey breast and two spoons of yam or potato puree.

At this age, the body no longer responds to us as it used to when we were 20 years old, so we must be careful in the practice of physical exercises. However, this does not mean that we should leave them aside as they can be great allies in the fight for weight loss.

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