How to lose belly and buttocks in just 1 week!

How to lose belly and culottes ? That’s the question millions of people around the world ask every day. But, is there an easy way to  lose belly and buttocks ? In fact, there is a belly dry tea that allows you to lose weight and reduce measurements in just one week. But know that you need to change several aspects of your day to day, and thus achieve lasting results. For example, if you go without eating for several hours, you will not get rid of your belly, you will get rid of glycogen and lean mass (muscles).

In addition to having a double appetite when eating (because the body enters a state of “alert”). It’s no use changing soybean oil for canola, eating fruits and vegetables , cutting out soda, if you’re not going to keep that pace. Of course, this change is welcome and helps a lot to  Lose Belly and Culote . Especially if you are already in the “overweight” or “obese” category. But don’t worry, following our guide, your weight will go down right before your eyes!

1. Scissor kicks:

This is an activity that needs a little more attention to perform, so you can really come to Lose Belly and Culote,  but it’s not too complicated. What we need is that you observe the step by step to be used to do it correctly. See our guidelines. First, lie on your back on the floor, with your body straight and place your hands flat under your buttocks. Slowly lift one leg so that it is at 90 degrees with your hips.

2. Bike on the floor:

For those who usually dedicate themselves to the practice of physical activities, the bike is one of the simplest, and most effective to lose belly and buttocks. You must lie on the floor on your back (with a straight spine) and lift both legs. Then you should start moving them, as if you were actually pedaling. With each movement, remember to stretch your legs a lot. This force on the muscle is what will give you the weight loss gains you hope to achieve.

3. Arm flexion:

To start this exercise, you must first kneel down and bend your body forward, supporting your hands flat on the floor. Then you should take your knees off the floor, supporting them on your toes. Then, you should start flexing your arms, so that your chest almost touches the floor. This lowering and raising movement must be repeated several times, doing it correctly you will  lose belly and buttocks quickly and naturally. always taking care to do it in sync.

4. Squats:

With your hands clasped behind your neck, you should bend your legs and stay in that position. Then you should start to squat down and slowly get up, letting your abdomen, calves and hamstrings feel the pressure of the movements. That way, you will  Lose Belly and Culote. In addition to helping your body to develop more muscles and burn a greater number of fats .

5. Cross Climber:

The starting position is this: you should place both hands on the floor and stand on your toes. Your body should be still, always stretched and in the same position. Then you should stretch one of your legs and “throw” it to one side. This is the movement, which must always be repeated with both legs. Your musculature will dilate at the same time you will help to  lose belly and buttocks .

In addition to physical exercises combined with a healthy and balanced diet, remember to always have a good night’s sleep, chew food calmly, do not drink liquids with meals (but 20 minutes before or after them), drink digestive tea, avoid salt (because it retains liquids), add more whole foods to your daily diet, and drink at least two liters of water a day. In this way, the effectiveness of exercises to lose belly and buttocks will be much greater.

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