5 ways to lose belly after pregnancy!

The way to lose belly after pregnancy in a healthy and natural way is effective, and it is the desire of all new moms on duty. To lose belly after pregnancy and lose weight there are many possible solutions.

When we think about losing weight and defining muscles, the image of a salon full of machines, machines and treadmills immediately comes to mind, right? This image, however, is no longer a reality for new mothers who dedicate themselves to taking care of the baby, without having time to attend a gym. With this, losing the belly after pregnancy ends up being even more difficult.

Hard but not impossible. The gym is not the only way to lose weight and keep your body  healthy after pregnancy. Contrary to what many think, working out without devices, only with the help of your own body , is a very efficient method, and above all, practical. So, check now How to Lose Belly After Pregnancy:

How to Lose Belly After Pregnancy:

1. How to Lose Belly After Pregnancy Playing Tennis:

For those who like to play sports and prefer to work out with a partner on the other side instead of training alone, tennis is a good option. A match burns up to 600 calories, is good for bone health, works the arms, abdomen and leg muscles and improves flexibility, balance and posture.

2. How to Lose Belly After Pregnancy on the Elliptical Trainer:

For those who go to the gym, exercising on the elliptical can be a good alternative. Low impact, it promotes the elimination of 600 calories per hour of medium intensity activity. Its handles allow not only the lower part, but also the upper body  to be worked during the series.

A tip to increase the caloric expenditure in the equipment is to hold the mobile handles of the device, not the static ones. This way, you will also move your arms, burn more calories and tone them up.

3. How to Lose Belly After Pregnancy by Swimming:

A vigorous swim session burns 400 to 700 calories an hour while toning, strengthening and conditioning the body . The advantage of exercise is that it has a low impact and can be done by people with arthritis, obesity, musculoskeletal diseases such as osteoarthritis and low back pain, and even women who are in the last trimester of pregnancy, as long as there is a doctor’s approval, obviously.

4. How to Lose Belly After Pregnancy Jumping Rope:

We seem to forget that jumping rope is a physical activity. Always associated with child’s play or boxers, jumping rope is a fantastic exercise to burn calories and work various muscles in the body . In one hour of jumping rope you can burn up to 800 calories. And if you want, you can still do HIIT variations in your jump rope training. It is also advantageous to improve motor coordination and agility.

5. How to Lose Belly After Pregnancy with Strength Training:

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Sit-ups, push-ups, lunges, rows, curls, dips and squats are some of the exercises that can appear in a strengthening workout. They help in gaining muscle mass and this is important for those who want to lose belly fat after pregnancy  because the greater the amount of muscle in a person’s body  , the more calories they will be able to burn throughout their day, even when they are not. working out.

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