How to get rid of wrinkles quickly in 10 days

Wrinkles are lines and depressions that form on the skin with aging. They are folds that occur in the skin over the years by the strength of the muscles and movements of both the limbs and all the muscles called facial expression. These folds, when associated with solar effects, can become definitive, deep and even present changes in the quality of the skin at the bottom of them.

They appear mainly in areas more exposed to the sun, such as the face, neck, hands and arms. In addition, sagging skin and wrinkles mainly affect the facial region, neck and hands. They occur when the skin becomes thinner, due to advancing age, or when the collagen in the skin tissue is damaged. This causes loss of fat, smoothness and elasticity.

On the face, the most visible signs happen in the corners of the mouth and eyes. And if some creases are temporary, others become permanent. So, here’s how to make this wonderful homemade anti-wrinkle treatment:


  • 50 ml of Argan oil or extra virgin olive oil
  • Vitamin E capsules (available at pharmacies)
  • 2 cotton pads


  • Mix Vitamin E (you will pierce the capsules and extract the liquid, as we are only interested in the vitamin) with 50 ml of argan oil or olive oil and mix well.
  • Then, dip the cotton in it and pass it around the eyes – do it lying down.
  • Let the mixture act for 10 minutes.
  • Then remove and massage the area with your fingertips.
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Remove the oil with a tissue and repeat the procedure every night.

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