How to get rid of stretch marks with coffee grounds in 5 minutes!

How to Eliminate Stretch Marks with Coffee Grounds in 5 Minutes in a simple and 100% Natural way. In addition, stretch marks are scars that form when there is destruction of elastic and collagen fibers in the skin, normally caused by a stretching of the skin. Lines are formed because of the thinning of the dermis and epidermis. They can itch and sting, but they usually don’t have any symptoms when they first appear.

Want to get rid of red stretch marks with a home treatment? Today you will learn how to eliminate stretch marks using coffee grounds in 5 minutes . In addition, coffee grounds, in addition to being great for getting rid of cellulite, and making hair grow faster, is also super effective for lightening red stretch marks . See also how to END with stretch marks in a simple, fast and totally safe way…

Coffee grounds help to get rid of stretch marks because it works by exfoliating the skin, stimulating cell regeneration, it also has a skin lightening effect, which helps a lot in the case of those who have red stretch marks . So Now Let’s go step by step of the homemade recipe of  How to Eliminate Stretch Marks with Coffee Grounds in 5 Minutes !

Ingredients to make the treatment to eliminate stretch marks:

  • Coffee grounds (the coffee grounds that are left in the percolator after you strain your coffee)
  • Pure Sweet Almond Oil, to use after exfoliation with coffee grounds (it cannot be almond oil mixed with mineral oil, it has to be pure, you buy it in natural products stores or manipulation pharmacies)

How to do the treatment to eliminate stretch marks:\

  • When taking your shower, take the coffee grounds to the bathroom, moisten your body with water, and massage the coffee grounds, exfoliating the stretch marks, you can use it on other areas of the body as well if you want.
  • After massaging the entire region, let it rest for 10 minutes, still with the coffee grounds on the skin.
  • Rinse and shower normally.
  • After towel drying, apply almond oil to the skin, and massage until the skin absorbs the oil.
  • You should repeat this treatment twice a week until you feel the desired improvement in your stretch marks.

Extra Tips to Eliminate Stretch Marks:

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Well girls, this body scrub with coffee is wonderful to get rid of stretch marks , as it helps the skin to regenerate and also lightens reddish or brown stretch marks!

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