How to get rid of foot odor in 5 minutes

How to get rid of foot odor at home quickly and easily. In addition,  foot odor is produced by bacteria or fungi. In sweat, bacteria create a conducive environment for them to live, intensify and reproduce. In some cases, foot odor can cross the shoe’s border, spreading its unpleasant smell.

The first advice of experts is to keep your feet clean and dry, use talcum powder, avoid closed shoes, do not use leather or plastic models and, especially, remove all plastic shoes from the shoemaker, because they are ideal environments for the gestation of children. bacteria.

Although foot odor is not a chronic disease, it is very common in teenagers and can appear in adulthood and is maintained due to the absence of treatments that promote the removal of bacteria and fungi responsible for it. Treatments are topical and usually quick. So, check out the 3 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Foot Sorrow in 5 Minutes.

 Lemon Peel : Rub lemon  on your feet after showering, let them dry and normally continue throughout the day. This fruit has substances that help to remove bacteria and its smell lingers for a long time.

Baking Soda: After cleaning, carefully dry your feet and put some  baking soda or soak them in a bucket of water and leave for 15 minutes and then dry them.

Vinegar bath:  Vinegar for its acidity, has antibacterial qualities. To improve this bath you can mix a glass of vinegar in a liter of water and soak your feet in this solution for 15 minutes, then dry your feet well and repeat this daily.

Ginger: Another very effective remedy to fight foot odor is Ginger . To use as a home remedy, cut a medium ginger root and grate it. Then put the zest in a pan with water, boil for 15 minutes and strain. Massage your feet with the liquid overnight before going to sleep.

For someone who suffers from foot odor it is a traumatic experience not to be able to fix it, but it can be done using these simple remedies.

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