Aspirin to eliminate joint pain in 3 days!

Aspirin for joint pain relief works , if you suffer from joint pain, don’t use medication this works well. This remedy helps you in the treatment to end joint pain, arthritis, osteoarthritis and back pain and everything that is associated with the joints, bones and muscles and skin . See here then, How to end arthritis pain, osteoarthritis and back pain:

Aspirin Recipe to Eliminate Joint Pain:


  • 300 ml of alcohol (70%, you can buy it in pharmacies);
  • 100 ml of iodopovidone;
  • 10 aspirin tablets (300 mg).
  • water .


  • Mix alcohol with iodine , add crushed aspirin tablets and shake.
  • Let it stay in a dark place for 21 days. Use it in the form of compresses or directly massage the painful area.

Complete this treatment with omega 3:

It improves cartilage health by slowing down its deterioration and reducing inflammation and pain . When omega 3 fatty acids are absorbed by the body, they produce substances that have great anti-inflammatory properties.

Consuming virgin olive oil, seeds, fish, nuts, whole grains or also taking omega 3 supplements is very beneficial to treat arthritis through the proper diet for it.

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