Natural remedy to treat hemorrhoids!

Natural remedy to treat hemorrhoids quickly and naturally, we are now going to teach you a simple and efficient home remedy for hemorrhoids . It only has one ingredient and provides almost immediate relief.

This ingredient is well known to everyone. But, before teaching the recipe, let’s talk a little about the problem. Hemorrhoids are, simply put, varicose veins in the anus. They can be external, when they become visible, or internal, apparently non-existent, but often bringing discomfort and pain.

In the view of natural medicine, hemorrhoids are caused by poor circulation, constipation and excess toxins in the anus region. And they also have a close relationship with people who charge themselves a lot in life, who are perfectionists and work under pressure to set deadlines.

The first recommendation of nature’s medicine to those who have hemorrhoids is to improve their diet. A diet rich in fiber is essential to prevent constipation and keep the intestines free from the accumulation of feces.

A healthy, alkaline diet will also improve blood circulation not only in the anus area, but throughout the body. The hemorrhoid sufferer should stay away from sugar, alcohol, coffee, chocolate, pepper, gluten and beetroot.

And often consume lemonade, salads with leaves, onions, coconut water and fruit juices such as apple and watermelon.

Natural remedy to treat hemorrhoids:

As we said, it is quite simple, but it is also very – very much! – efficient. There is only one ingredient in this remedy – aloe. This plant – almost everyone already knows – is very rich in medicinal virtues. And you will meet another one of her: the fight against hemorrhoids . This treatment is very old, it’s not new, our grandparents already knew about it.


  1. Take an aloe leaf .
  2. Peel and remove the pulp (the gel).
  3. Divide this pulp, cutting it into a suppository shape.
  4. Take it to the freezer.
  5. When the pulp is frozen, apply coconut oil to it and immediately introduce this natural suppository into the anus.

Trust me: relief from hemorrhoids will be immediate.

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