How to get rid of foot fungus at home

How to Eliminate Foot Fungus at Home in a 100% natural way. Also, taking care of your feet  is a habit that many people don’t have. However, keeping them healthy is of great importance and can avoid a very unpleasant problem, foot fungi can be caused by various wrong practices, wearing closed shoes, not moisturizing your feet and wearing tight shoes.

Because it is a hot and humid environment, the feet are very conducive to the proliferation of these organisms. Many of them originate due to bruises and blisters that arise from wearing tight or uncomfortable shoes. Fungi can cause a bad smell, pain and excessive sweating . Therefore, it is important to eliminate them. So, check out  How to Eliminate Foot Fungus at Home.

How the Feet Should be Washed:  Every day when you shower, be sure to wash your feet well to eliminate all dirt and bacteria, thus preventing the formation of fungi and bad smells. Brush the soles of the feet , the sides, the nails and the middle of the toes, then wash with plenty of water to remove the soap well. Also, keep in mind that for this area it will be much better to use an antibacterial soap.

Vinegar to Eliminate Foot Fungus:  Vinegar , especially apple vinegar , is effective in eliminating foot fungi due to its acidity. You can perform the procedure of soaking your feet in warm water with vinegar and salt and leaving it for a certain time or you can apply it directly to the affected area with a cotton swab . Always wash your feet with soap after the procedure.

How to Prevent Fungi:  Once you have cured your feet and are free of fungus , you must take into account the methods you have to follow in order to avoid becoming infected with the bacteria that caused this condition again. Next, we give you some advice so that you are safe from fungi .

Use Appropriate Footwear:  Avoid plastic or synthetic shoes and opt for those made of natural materials such as leather or leather .

Dry your feet well: After each wash, try to dry your feet well with towels to prevent moisture from being stored in any area. Remember that fungi appear due to humidity, so try to be careful when washing them.

Talc Powder To Prevent:  To prevent perspiration and thus the appearance of moisture on the feet , a good way to do this is to apply talcum powder after each shower.
Do not go barefoot: try never to go barefoot, and even less in public areas such as showers or swimming pools. Fungi are highly contagious and if someone has them, chances are you can have them too, so always wear shoes.

Home Remedy To Take Care Of The Feet: If you notice that your feet have calluses, cracks or any skin imperfections , do not hesitate to try this amazing treatment to improve their appearance in no time. Its ingredients are very easy to acquire and, since they are not aggressive, they are suitable for all skin types . Check out the Recipe on How to  Eliminate Foot Fungus.Ingredients:

Method of preparation: 

  • Put the aspirin in a mortar and grind it to a powder.
  • If you don’t have a mortar, you must moisten it with a little water and flatten it with a fork.
  • Incorporate the powder obtained in a bowl and then add the juice of one lemon .
  • Mix everything for a few moments until the paste is thick and homogeneous.
  • If you feel it is too dry, add more lemon or a tablespoon of water.

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Note: In addition to all this, some fungi do not stay on the skin, but they are under the nails, which can cause serious problems and discomfort when walking, and also severe damage to the nail itself.

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