How to Cure Throat Infection at Home

How to Cure Throat Infection at Home  in a simple and 100% natural way. In addition, hot drinks are ideal for treating sore throat with good short-term results. These natural drinks relieve sore throat symptoms and can strengthen the immune system, improving our defenses against the flu , colds and coughs .

Causes of Sore Throat:  The months of May and June bring weeks of rain, continuous weather changes, with sunny mornings and afternoons and cold nights with high temperatures. It’s time to use the umbrella, warm gloves, scarves and dress in multiple layers of clothing to protect yourself. It is also the most frequent time for sore throats as a result of inflammation that can be caused by a bacterial or viral infection.

Benefits of Hot Drinks:  All citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, so lemon is an ally in relieving sore throats. In addition, these citrus fruits contain vitamins B and E , as well as potassium, calcium and iron . Lemon is known for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

It has the ability to strengthen the immune system, helping to fight throat infections, eliminating the viruses that enter our body causing pain and infection . Combine citrus fruit with honey , and get access to the antibacterial properties so it is essential to Cure Throat Infection .

Lemon and Honey with Hot Water:  To Cure Throat Infection  it is recommended to add lemon juice in a glass of hot water and add a teaspoon of honey. Take it to the fire, and when it is hot, take it and reap all the benefits for the treatment of sore throat .

Thyme is an herb that contains vitamin C and its leaves have medicinal properties that are very beneficial for health . Therefore, when taken together with honey , it becomes a way to  Cure Throat Infection.

Thyme Tea:  Heat some water and add a teaspoon of thyme per cup. You must boil for five minutes. Then let it rest for ten minutes. Add the juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon of honey. It is convenient to drink this tea three times a day.

Sage is another herb for Healing Throat Infection at Home, it is natural with vitamin C and antiseptic properties. Therefore, it will be a great ally in the fight against viruses that are often responsible for a sore throat .

Sage Tea:  Tea with sage leaves: Heat some water in a kettle. When the water is boiling, add some sage leaves. Let it rest for fifteen minutes and then strain the tea , before adding it to the bowl. Add a teaspoon of honey and drink the tea slowly.
the onion

Onions have antibiotic properties. which becomes a great benefit to  Cure Throat Infection In  this way, we can cut an onion into pieces and place them in a bowl with half a liter of water.

  • Add three tablespoons of sugar and let it soak for 12 hours.
  • We can drink a glass of this liquid every two hours.

Granny’s Broth:  For traditionalists, nothing better than a good bowl of beef broth to warm the body To Cure Throat Infection at the same time. Put a pan on to heat and when it is boiling, add four stalks of celery along with two chopped carrots, ¼ of peeled fennel and clove of garlic as it is a natural antibiotic . Then liquefy the broth, and drink it twice a day.

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