How to cure rhinitis and sinusitis naturally and without leaving home!

How to cure rhinitis and sinusitis naturally. Also, do you have rhinitis or sinusitis? We tested this recipe. And we feel, right from the start, an improvement in breathing. We saw that it does a great cleaning in the regions connected to the nose and throat. And readers who have seen this recipe here have also seen its power. So if you have rhinitis or sinusitis, the recipe will help you a lot. It was taken from the book “The secrets of people who never get sick”, in Portuguese, “The secrets of people who never get sick”. One such person who never gets sick is Bill Thompson, 64. Bill lives in Florida, United States, and his secret is a recipe for hydrogen peroxide volume 10.

Bill hasn’t been sick in years and reports in the book that in his most recent general clinical examination his echocardiogram was that of a 20-year-old person. Bill learned the recipe from researcher and expert on hydrogen peroxide (the other name for hydrogen peroxide) Kenneth Seaton.

According to this researcher, hydrogen peroxide is a powerful killer of viruses, germs, fungi and bacteria.

And Bill, for over 20 years, every day, protects his body using a recipe for hydrogen peroxide. And, coincidentally or not, he guarantees, he has never been sick since. And how is this Bill Thompson recipe?

How to cure rhinitis and sinusitis:


Preparation mode:

  • He fills a stainless steel basin or vat with warm water (about 5 liters) and adds 100 ml of 10 volume hydrogen peroxide.
  • Then he dips his head several times, with his mouth and eyes closed, and expels air through his nose in bubbles. There is no complication.
  • The secret is the bubbles. You expel air through your nose, with your head immersed in the water, and in the process, you produce bubbles. That way, you make the mixture (oxygen) circulate through the nose and airways.
  • Tired? Take the head out of the water and repeat the operation.
  • Do this several times.
  • If you have sensitivity in your ears and are going to have this treatment, wear a hearing protector.
  • Bill makes the recipe daily, once a day, as soon as he wakes up.
  • When finished, he dries his hair with a towel.
  • And throw away the water that was left in the basin/vat.

Ah, no need to worry about a possible lightening of your hair. The hydrogen peroxide will be too dilute to change its color. Did you understand? It is not for inhaling the water.

The text talks about “blowing air out of his nose to get the mixture circulating”, that is, “letting the air out of the nose to get the mixture to circulate”.

Of course, “letting the air out of the nose” is expelling the air, and in this process, bubbles will be produced.

When we do that (we’ve already done it), we get tired. Then we take the head out of the water, rest a little and repeat the process.

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