6 Home Remedies to Cure Cold Sore in 5 Minutes!

These are the best home remedies to cure canker sores in 5 minutes at a very low cost, as oral ulcers , also called aphthous ulcers , aphthous stomatitis or simply, are very common lesions of the oral mucosa. In addition, canker sores are benign lesions that do not usually cause major problems other than discomfort. However, some more serious diseases of the oral cavity can manifest with very similar ulcerated lesions, which can cause some confusion. An example is cancer of the oral cavity.

What is canker sore ?

A canker sore is an ulcer that can appear almost anywhere in the oral cavity: tongue, lips, gums, throat, uvula, etc. They are oval, whitish (sometimes yellowish), shallow and clean lesions, that is, they do not have pus, bacteria or other signs of infection. They can be single or multiple, small or large.

Everyone has had at least one in their lifetime; 20% of the population suffers from recurrent cold sores. It is more common in pre-adolescents, adolescents and young adults, tending to decrease in incidence over the years. In addition, despite being benign lesions, they are very painful and often interfere with simple activities, such as talking, eating and kissing.

Most of them last, on average, one to two weeks and usually heal without leaving a scar that takes longer to heal is those that appear in places where there is constant contact with teeth or food, suffering repeated trauma throughout the day.

What causes cold sore ?

Cold  sore is not contagious, but its causes are not completely understood, they seem to be caused by imbalances in the immune system. Some of the known causes are:

Some people who have the habit of lying down shortly after their last meal may have recurrent symptoms. Furthermore, this fact is probably related to some degree of gastroesophageal reflux, which leads to increased acidity in the oral cavity. These lesions usually appear a day or two later, causing patients to often fail to relate one fact to the other.

What are the symptoms of cold sore?

Easily identified, the cold sore has some classic symptoms, see what they are below:

  • Small open sores in the mouth may be white, yellow, and red in outline;
  • These sores can be in the entire oral region;
  • Pain and discomfort at the site;
  • Bleeding from the lesion in some cases;
  • Dryness of the oral region;
  • Temporarily lose taste
  • In some rare cases it is possible to feel fever, indisposition and swelling in the mouth region, it can also pass into the esophagus, making it more difficult for the individual to swallow food.

Home remedies to cure cold sore in 5 minutes:

1. Home remedy with sage for cold sore:

It should not be ingested, only used in gargling, otherwise it causes several side effects.

How to use:

  • Boil a cup of water;
  • Put 7 coffee spoons of sage leaves ;
  • Leave covered for a few minutes;
  • Gargle once or twice a day.

2. Home remedy with ice for cold sore:

Ice helps decrease inflammation and soothe pain, healing immediately.

  • Place it 3 times a day on the cold sore .

3. Warm water and salt to cure cold sore:

Rinsing your mouth with warm salt water helps to disinfect the cold sore and accelerate its healing, as salt has a potent bactericidal action that eliminates bacteria from the site.

  • To do this, just put 1 teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water and rinse your mouth for a few minutes, 2 times a day.

4. Hydrogen peroxide for cold sore cure:

  • Take a cotton swab and moisten it in hydrogen peroxide and apply it directly to the cold sore.
  • Do this process three times a day to soothe the pain and prevent infection.

5. Milk of Magnesia Home Remedy to Cure Cold Sore:

Gargling milk of magnesia allows to cover and protect the lesion from bacteria and, therefore, also helps to speed up healing.

  • For this, you must mix 1 spoon of milk of magnesia with 1 glass of water to gargle afterwards.

6. Clove home remedy for cold sore:

Chewing a clove also helps to heal this injury faster because the clove has antiseptic and analgesic properties, which are able to relieve the severe pain caused by the cold sore.

How to prevent:

  • Increase your consumption of vitamin B -rich fruits and vegetables ;
  • Avoid the consumption of hot and spicy foods, as they can irritate your mouth, increasing the propensity to have it;
  • Reinforce the consumption of foods rich in vitamin C can prevent its emergence;
  • It is important to avoid consuming acidic foods, pepper and soft drinks.
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When it appears in the child’s mouth, medical consultation is advised, especially if there are other symptoms, such as fever.

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