How to Cure Cold Sore on Tongue in 5 Minutes!

How to Cure Cold Sore on Tongue in 5 Minutes is an option for those who want to treat Cold Sore on Tongue . In addition, oral ulcers, also called aphthous ulcers, aphthous stomatitis or simply Aphtha , are very common lesions of the oral mucosa.

Canker sores are benign lesions that do not usually cause major problems other than discomfort. However, some more serious diseases  of the oral cavity can manifest with very similar ulcerated lesions, which can cause some confusion. An example is cancer  of the oral cavity, which in the early stages can look like a cold sore on the tongue .

Causes of Cold Sore on Tongue:  Cold sore on the tongue  are common forms of mouth ulcer, which usually appear in people with low immunity, whether caused by a specific disease  or medication use. Here are some of the causes of cold sores on the tongue :

  • HIV/AIDS: The HIV virus , which can lead to AIDS , directly attacks the immune system . People infected with this virus are more prone to the appearance of cold sores on the tongue  and they are usually one of the first signs of HIV action  in the body. In addition, the HIV virus , which can lead to AIDS , directly attacks the immune system . People infected with this virus are more prone to the appearance of cold sores on the tongue.
  • Cancer: immunity is also lowered when the patient has cancer , mainly because of the treatment carried out with radiotherapy and chemotherapy
  • Diabetes: untreated diabetics or those with poorly controlled disease  , saliva usually contains large amounts of sugar, which encourages the growth of the fungus.
  • Vaginal Infections: The same fungus that causes cold  sores is responsible for some vaginal infections as well. Although not very dangerous, this type of infection usually causes more problems for pregnant women , as the disease  can be transmitted to the baby during childbirth.

Other factors can trigger the appearance of Cold Sore on the Tongue :

Symptoms of Aphtha in the Tongue:  The symptoms of Aphtha in the Tongue  are very common and easy to make the diagnosis, usually the patient felt at the place a discomfort followed by pain , it can appear on the tongue  or anywhere in the mouth region, miss taste, bleeding in the lesion. In more serious cases, the patient may present the following symptoms: indisposition, fever , swelling  in the mouth and difficulty in feeding.

If the cold sore on the tongue  takes more than 3 weeks to heal, is larger than expected, signs of infection in the area or signs that the body  is out of the normal, it is necessary for the patient to seek medical attention, it may be some other disease  or infection more serious than a cold sore .

When canker sores on the tongue can be dangerous:  Although benign in the vast majority of cases, cold sores on the tongue  can be a manifestation of systemic diseases  or can be confused with serious injuries, such as neoplasms of the oral cavity. An appointment with the dentist or stomatologist should be considered when:

  • cold sore on the tongue  is exceptionally large.
  • Cold sores on the tongue  are recurrent, with new lesions appearing soon after the first ones have healed.
  • cold sore on the tongue  takes more than 3 weeks to heal.
  • There are signs of infection in the Tongue Cold Sore area .
  • There are systemic symptoms, i.e.: fever , tiredness, malaise, weight loss, loss of appetite or any other symptom that suggests the presence of some disease  behind the cold sore on the tongue .
  • There are also ulcers on Organs genitals.

Tongue Cold Sore  Prevention : Some people tend to have positive results regarding Tongue Cold Sore  prevention by making some dietary changes, these changes usually consist of a healthier diet and also an especially richer intake of foods  that contain vitamin B12  and vitamin C. Here are some foods  that can help you to prevent cold sores :

In addition to the intake of these foods , it is important to always stay hydrated and reduce the diet  of  fatty, very acidic or spicy foods .

How to Cure Cold Sore in 5 Minutes:  Painkillers can soothe sores, however, you can have several homemade recipes to relieve this terrible discomfort and help you in the treatment of Cold Sore . So check out now  How to Cure Tongue Cold Sore in 5 Minutes:

Baking soda  and a little water will  help to soothe the burning sores. Make a paste with the bicarbonate  and with the help of a cotton swab apply directly to the  cold sore on the tongue . The soft cotton tip will lessen irritation when putting it on. Never rub the cotton swab hard on the  cold sore on the tongue .

A small amount of milk  of magnesium  on the sores also minimizes symptoms.

Salt water, warm, provides great relief. With the salt water in your mouth, rinse your mouth for 30 to 60 seconds, then spit it out. Homemade recipes like this can be made several times a day until the problem is healed.

Turmeric is a spice with incredible antiseptic properties, which are perfect for getting rid of the discomfort that canker sores  can cause and for reducing swelling  . To use it as a natural remedy, it is best to mix 1/2 teaspoon of  turmeric powder with 1 tablespoon of honey. Apply the preparation obtained on the  cold sore on the tongue  with your finger or with a cotton swab and let it act for about 4 or 5 minutes. Then rinse with plenty of lukewarm water.

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