How to Control Nausea Naturally

How to Control Nausea Naturally  and Effectively at Home In addition, Nausea is a feeling of discomfort in the upper abdomen, accompanied by an urge to vomit. Also known as Dilemma,  Nausea can be a side effect associated with several medications or a symptom of illness or disorder. Sometimes large, fatty or sugary meals can also lead to a feeling of  nausea .

Usually, before vomiting, the patient has a sensation known as Nausea , which is nothing more than a need to vomit. Nausea  is often accompanied by other symptoms, such as sweating , excessive saliva production and reflux. It is important to note that Nausea is not a certainty of subsequent vomiting.

After  Nausea , vomiting itself occurs, also called emesis, which is triggered by the contraction of the small intestine, the muscles of the abdomen and the diaphragm. This contraction causes the pressure in the abdomen and chest to increase and triggers compression of the stomach, which quickly and forcefully expels its contents through the mouth and sometimes through the nose. The force of the expulsion is so strong that it cannot be controlled.

Causes of Nausea:  Certain smells bring on the feeling of Nausea and this reaction can be exacerbated during the first trimester of pregnancy, although it can also occur in people who are not pregnant. Nausea  that is induced by pregnancy usually disappears in the second trimester. Nausea and vomiting can occur separately or together. The most common causes include:

  • Food poisoning;
  • Viral gastroenteritis;
  • Vertigo;
  • Chemotherapy;
  • Rotavirus;
  • PMS symptoms;
  • motion sickness;
  • Gastroparesis (stomach muscles malfunction);
  • migraine ;
  • Abuse or overdose of alcohol, illegal substances or toxic substances;
  • General anesthesia.

Symptoms of Nausea:  In addition to the feeling of Nausea itself, it is common to feel a general malaise, lack of desire to eat, desire to stand still and, in some cases, the patient prefers to stay in a specific position, lying or sitting to feel better.

There are usually other symptoms associated with  Nausea that vary depending on the cause. In gastrointestinal infections caused by viruses or bacteria, abdominal pain and distension and diarrhea may occur simultaneously or in sequence .

Each of the other causes of motion sickness is accompanied by symptoms of the condition and it is important that they are described to the doctor so that the cause can be discovered and treated. So, check out the benefits of the ingredients that make up the recipe for  How to Control Nausea Naturally:

Benefits of Clove:  Clove  is  a medicinal plant, also known as clove, cravin, gyrofler or clove, widely used due to its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, healing and analgesic properties.

In addition, its scientific name is Syzygium aromaticum and it can be purchased at health food stores, compounding pharmacies and some markets. Clove is  used to complement the treatment of  bronchitis  , cough  and  flu syndromes, as well as intestinal gas, inflammation of the mouth and pharynx, dental caries and otitis.

Benefits of Cinnamon:  Cinnamon  can  be used as a medicinal plant because it has properties that improve the health of the individual. In addition, the main benefits of  Cinnamon  include:

  • Cinnamon   helps  control diabetes ;
  • Cinnamon  improves digestive  disorders such as gas;
  • Cinnamon  helps fight  respiratory tract infections;
  • Cinnamon  helps to reduce  fatigue and improve mood because it increases resistance to  stress ;
  • Cinnamon  helps fight  cholesterol through the   presence of antioxidants;
  • Cinnamon   helps with digestion ;
  • Cinnamon helps fight infections of the   respiratory tract, it has a drying effect on the mucous membranes and is a natural expectorant;
  • Cinnamon   helps to reduce appetite as it is rich  in fiber ;
  • Cinnamon  helps reduce fat  accumulation because it improves tissue sensitivity to insulin action.

So, check out the full recipe for  How to Control Nausea Naturally:


  • 1 teaspoon of cloves
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder
  • 2 glasses (250ml each) of water


  • Bring all the ingredients to a boil for 15 minutes.
  • Strain and immediately drink 1 cup (coffee) every 2 hours, until it improves.

Attention:  Do not use any home remedy if you are taking any medication. Talk to a doctor first and seek professional help whenever symptoms persist.

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