How to Control Cholesterol Naturally at Home

How to Control Cholesterol Naturally at Home is one of the ways to keep heart health in days. Plus, you can now get rid of bad cholesterol  and even facilitate deep blood vessel cleansing with a powerful all-natural blend that you need to drink in the morning.

With high levels of  Blood Fats or  Cholesterol  millions of people are struggling today due to hectic lifestyle and also in part their genetic disposition. Ideally, the normal cholesterol  level should only be between 4.60 and 6.20 mmol/L.

Cholesterol is a type of fat  found in our body that  is important for its normal functioning. Cholesterol  is the structural component of cell membranes in our body  and is present in the heart , brain , liver, intestines , muscles, nerves and skin . Our body  uses Cholesterol  to produce certain hormones such as Vitamin D , Testosterone, Estrogen, Cortisol and Bile Acids which help in the digestion of fats . Approximately 70% of Cholesterol it is produced by our own organism, in the liver , while the other 30% comes from the diet .

The good news is that an all-natural syrup has been proven to effectively normalize high cholesterol  completely. You can now clean the blood vessels with the help  of baking soda . A glass of this drink will definitely remove bad cholesterol  in no time! So check out a recipe now to know  How to Control Cholesterol Naturally at Home:

Recipe to Control Cholesterol Naturally at Home:


  • 1 kilogram of lemon
  • 5 to 6 sprigs of parsley
  • 3 liters of water
  • 1 bag of bicarbonate of soda

Preparation mode:

  • First off, wash the lemons thoroughly with cold water  , then soak in water  . After that, pour the baking soda into  the mixture. Allow the mixture to stand for about 60 minutes.
  • Cut the Parliament into smaller pieces.
  • Finely chop the lemon along with the rind.
  • Put the parsley and lemon in a pot and mix it with three liters of water
  • Cook this mixture over low heat for about 3 hours.
  • Once cooked, drain the mixture.
  • After cooking, you will be able to produce 1.5 liters of syrup.

Ideally, you need to drink 1 cup of syrup every morning on an  empty stomach , to Control Cholesterol Naturally at Home . The preparation is good for 15 days when you drink it daily.

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