How to Avoid Bad Smell in the Vagina

How to Avoid Bad Smell in the Vagina is one of the most common questions among women, as a certain change in the odor of this area that is so sensitive is very common. In addition, although there are no parameters to say whether it is within the normal range or not, the smell of the vagina can often be bothersome. In addition, some bad habits can change the balance of the vaginal flora and, consequently, cause unpleasant odors.

It is completely natural for the vagina to release secretions. Composed of dead cells and degradation products of the environment, it naturally has a smell and no woman should be concerned about this odor, which is mild and often almost imperceptible and can change according to each phase of the menstrual cycle . However, when this odor is too strong, different from usual and causing discomfort, it is a sign of abnormality and it is time to seek medical advice.

What Causes Bad Smell in the Vagina: In the vulva, the external part of the female reproductive system, there are several bacteria and fungi that live in harmony. The vaginal flora, however, can be altered by certain habits, such as food or the use of antibiotics. Vaginal infections or inflammations have as one of the main symptoms the discharge, usually accompanied by a bad smell. Next, see which habits can change the health  of your intimate region and, consequently, cause a bad smell in the vagina, and you should stay away from them for you to Avoid Bad Smell in the Vagina.

Wearing Very Tight Clothes: Tight  fabrics prevent the region from breathing and facilitate the impregnation of fungi and bacteria harmful to intimate health . To avoid these problems you should opt for wider pieces and preferably made of cotton.

Insufficient Hygiene in the Intimate Region:  at the same time, failing to sanitize the region is also a problem, as excessive sweat and secretion can cause itching and other diseases . To avoid, wash all folds carefully during the shower using neutral, odorless and colorless soap.

Excessive Hygiene in the Intimate Region: Hair  and secretions are essential for the protection of the region. When you wash it a lot, the tendency is that bacteria and fungi that used to live in harmony, proliferate unruly and cause diseases . To avoid this, do the normal hygiene during the shower – twice a day is enough to prevent the bad smell in the vagina .

Urine Leakage: Before taking any action, it is necessary to investigate the cause of these leaks. To avoid this problem, always dry the vulva and always change wet panties.

Using Inappropriate Soaps:  Soaps that clean excessively or that have chemicals to change the smell or color of the product can cause irritation in this fragile area. And to Avoid Bad Smell in the Vagina , choose neutral, odorless and colorless soap.

Using Douching in the Vaginal Canal:  Washing the vaginal canal  is risky because it alters the entire region, in addition to being able to cause micro injuries. To avoid bad smell in the vagina, clean only on the outside because the vagina is able to regulate itself.

Use Daily Absorbent:  The product muffles the region, which promotes an increase in vaginal odor . To avoid this consequence, use only at the end of menstruation . In everyday life, prefer cotton panties.

Excessive Sweating: The act of perspiring a lot can make this region wet and promote an excessive proliferation of bacteria and fungi, in addition to causing diaper rash, which can further aggravate the situation. So, some tips for you to Avoid Bad Smell in the Vagina  is to change your underwear frequently and opt for fresh fabrics, preferably cotton.

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