How to Avoid a Urinary Infection

How to Avoid a Urinary Infection is a common question in the daily life of many women, so to solve all these doubts we will show you  How to Avoid a Urinary Infection. Also, if you feel any discomfort when peeing, don’t ignore this symptom, as this could be a Urinary Infection . Learn how to prevent yourself from evil to avoid complications

Feeling urgency to urinate, pain, burning, and whitish pee are signs that can indicate a Urinary Infection,  which affects 1 in 5 women  in the world, at least once in their lives, according to the National Institute of Health  of the United States. And because of the anatomy of the female body  , which has an anus, vagina and urethra very close together, women  are the most affected by Urinary Infection,  but there are also cases in men and children who are victims of Urinary Infection .

Urinary Infection  manifests itself mainly when the body has low immunity, which facilitates the proliferation of microorganisms. The bacteria take advantage of the situation and travel up the urethra until they reach the bladder, ureters and kidneys . In almost 90% of the time, the bacterium Escherichia coli, which inhabits the intestine , is to blame for the emergence of a Urinary Infection .

That’s why it’s so important to perform intimate hygiene correctly, always cleaning from the vagina towards the anus. You don’t have to wait for the bad to happen to take care of yourself. You can shield your body against Urinary Infection by  adopting these healthy habits. So, check out now  How to Avoid a Urinary Infection:

To Avoid a Urinary Infection, do not hold your urine:  Avoid going longer than 4 hours without urinating. Urine stopped in the bladder facilitates the proliferation of bacteria.

To Avoid a Urinary Infection Control the use of Antibiotics:  Some people with frequent cases of upper respiratory infection, especially in the throat, nose or ear, end up making frequent use of antibiotics, often unnecessarily, since most of these infections are caused by virus.

The indiscriminate use of antibiotics during life can change the normal composition of the vaginal bacterial flora, facilitating the occurrence of Infection , such as candidiasis, or Urinary Infection . The frequent use of antibiotics can also select the bacteria in the  intestines , creating resistant strains, which leads to the emergence of a UTI that is multiresistant to the usual antibiotics.

To Avoid a Urinary Infection Bet on Cranberry:  A berry from the blackberry family, called a cranberry  or cranberry, appears to be effective in preventing a urinary tract infection . The fruit can be consumed as juice or in capsules that are already widely marketed. There is still no unequivocal evidence of the effectiveness of this fruit, but as it does no harm, most doctors end up indicating its use to prevent a urinary tract infection .

To Avoid a Urinary Infection Wear Cotton Clothing:  Wear light clothing or clothing that does not make the genital area too wet from sweat. The damp and stuffy skin  for a long time under clothes that do not allow air circulation favors the proliferation of bacteria, thus helping the emergence of Urinary Infection , so in order to  avoid a Urinary Infection  , the recommendation is to favor the use of more baggy.

To Avoid a Urinary Infection Drink More Water: Drinking  fluid keeps the urine more dilute and makes the patient feel the need to urinate more frequently, helping to expel bacteria that are in the urinary tract. This simple action allows you to  Prevent a Urinary Infection.

To Prevent a Urinary Infection Wash the Perineum Area Before Sexual Intercourse:  Washing the anal and perineal area with soap and water just before intercourse helps to reduce the amount of enterobacteria that can be pushed towards the vagina. Enterobacteriaceae that can initiate a picture of Urinary Infection.

To Avoid a Urinary Tract Infection Urine Immediately After Sexual Intercourse:  A Urinary Tract Infection is not a sexually transmitted disease  , but the sexual act itself produces friction, which leads to irritation of the genital area and helps to spread bacteria from the perineum. The act of urinating at the end of each intercourse helps to “wash” the urethra, pushing out bacteria that may have migrated during sex. Condom use does not decrease the risk ofpost-coital urinary tract infection . Remember, the bacteria don’t come from the partner.

To Avoid a Urinary Infection Do not use Chemicals in the Intimate Area:  Chemicals such as perfumes, deodorants or talcum powders should not be used in the intimate parts, as they can cause irritation and even a Urinary Infection . Bacteria adhere more easily to places where the skin  is irritated. If the area around the urethra is inflamed, enterobacteria will have an easier time colonizing the site. So avoid using any product that is alcohol-based or has a strong smell in this area, so you can avoid a urinary tract infection .

To Avoid a Urinary Infection Change the Tampon often:  The presence of moisture and blood  greatly increases the risk of bacteria proliferation that can lead to  a Urinary Infection . Don’t let your tampon stay full for a long time, especially if it’s a tampon, which can make the skin  around your urethra wet and bloody . There is still controversy among experts about which type of tampon is the most dangerous, internal or external. When in doubt, regardless of the pad used, change it often, so you will greatly reduce the chances of contracting a Urinary Infection .

To Avoid a Urinary Infection Pass the Toilet Paper from Front to Back:  As a Urinary Infection is caused by bacteria that come from the perineum and anal area, when you are going to clean your anus or vagina with a toilet paper, the direction should always be from front to back, that is, the paper passes first through the vagina and then through the anus, never the other way around. The goal is not to drag bacteria from the anal region towards the vagina. Following the same logic, you should not pass the same paper twice in a row. Pass the paper once. If you still need to clean up more, use a new piece of paper, this will prevent a UTI from developing .

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