How Stress Can Benefit Your Health

As Stress Can Be Beneficial For Health , you should know the entirety of this condition. Therefore, Stress is a change in mental, psychological and physical state. Also, we usually associate the word Stress with a negative connotation, but to know if Stress is an enemy or an ally, learn more about it.

What is Stress? Stress is nothing more than an indeterminate response that the body  gives us to a situation that bothers us. Any event that generates an emotional response can cause Stress . Based on this idea, we can talk aboutpositive stress or negative stress or suffering that causes negative emotions. In most cases, you will be presented with the opportunity to choose one or the other, it will all depend on our assessment of the situation, and what emotional resources we have to overcome what happened. the stress Positive is nothing more than a reaction of the organism to a difficult situation or a particular problem with a clear way forward, how to resolve conflicts and achieve success.

One of its main advantages is that it helps us stay active and motivates us to solve our problems. It increases our self-esteem and helps us to know ourselves, it also helps us in internal or external conflicts that may arise. In the emotional field we can guarantee that stress  is a consonance between thought, emotion and feeling, so that the results can appear in a state of joy, satisfaction and vitality.

It is intended to relax your body  and mind to act in a calmer way in which you can start making decisions that will help you to develop a character that you approve of, accept that in life there are always problems of their own, but that these tend to to be resolved sooner or later.

People who develop “creativity” the most tend to improve their positive stress . Thus, betting on alternative techniques in the management of emotions, such as art therapy or therapeutic theater, can help a lot against bad stress . Negative stress  can be related to anxiety  and psychophysiological effects on the person. Stress can also cause various diseases  over the years.

Alarm Phase (Positive Stress):  When a real threat is presented, our body  reacts almost instinctively, and in order for us to deal with it we need to always remain calm. How can we notice that this is happening? Our neuroendocrine system releases cortisol, a hormone that speeds up the pulse, raising the heart rate and getting into a state of arousal which leads to a much faster reaction. When the alarm phase is prolonged in time, the body  continues to function, but a series of limitations begin to happen, such as:

  • Headaches that recur more often.
  • Chronic fatigue.
  • Circulatory problems.
  • Muscle contractures.
  • Stomach aches .  _
  • Occasional memory loss.
  • The lack of concentration.

Exhaustion Phase (Negative Stress and Anguish):  There comes a time when the body  says: Enough! After Continuous Exposure to Stress . All emotional and physiological balance is broken in the person and his immune system begins to fail. In the absence of resistance from the immune system , the pathogenic agent is reduced and diseases begin to appear . The organism is so weakened that it accommodates pathologies and events, such as ulcers, heart attacks, hypertension, infections, etc…

How to Prevent or Control Stress: To avoid stress  you should follow some tips, which in addition to helping to keep stress  away, still promote good health in general. So~check out now some tips to avoid Stress .

  • Share Your Feelings : Talk about what’s going on, to release tension and help you understand and analyze yourself.
  • Set Limits: We have to learn to set limits and say “no”, in order to express what we feel without hurting our interlocutor.
  • Relax: These are activities that allow you to relax your body  and mind, through techniques such as relaxation, vacations, etc…
  • Exercise: All physical activity elevates your mood, so doing any physical activity can be a great way to avoid being affected by stress .
  • Maintain a Healthy Diet: This will make you feel good, while you will feel much better physically. In addition to promoting a healthier life.
  • Realistic Expectations: When we expect too much from ourselves or from other people, we can fall into false expectations, and this is not good for our  psychic health .
  • Everything in its own time: We shouldn’t be anxious, it can exacerbate the stress problem . Set yourself 30 minutes a day to find solutions to your problems.

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