How Green Tea Helps Treat Down Syndrome

How Green Tea Helps Treat Down Syndrome  Today. Furthermore, Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder that has no cure – at least not yet. But this medical maxim may have its days numbered. A new Spanish study has shown that a compound extracted from Green Tea is able to improve the intellectual and cognitive capacity of people with Down Syndrome .In addition to the antioxidant properties of Green Tea , which prevent a series of diseases, and the slimming action, Green Tea surprises once again in this new research carried out by the Center for Genomic Regulation of Barcelona. Published in The Lancet Neurology, the study found, after a clinical test, that a compound present in the herb was able to enhance the cognitive abilities of people with Down Syndrome . The confusion came after brain scans of study participants revealed that a component of green tea (called epigallocatechin gallate) is capable of altering the way neurons connect to each other in the brain.

This is the first time that a treatment has had positive results to minimize the effects of the syndrome. It affects one person in every thousand in the world and happens when there are 3 chromosomes 21 in all or most of an individual’s cells. Carriers of this trisomy have 47 and not 46 chromosomes, like most of the population. This extra copy alters the formation of the body and the brain.

In the first phase, the scientists identified the DYRK1A gene, which is associated with brain formation and overactivated by the extra chromosome. This gene produces excess proteins related to cognitive changes – 1.5 times more in people with Down. The polyphenol present in Green Tea , epigallocatechin gallate, inhibits and normalizes the production of the DYRK1A enzyme.

In addition, it is capable of improving some intellectual abilities and alters the stimuli and connections of the brain of people with Down Syndrome . Aware of the Green Tea compound’s ability to modify brain plasticity, the researchers decided to test it in humans.

In total, 84 people with Down Syndrome between 16 and 34 years old participated: half of them received a placebo and did cognitive stimulation exercises; the other group did the same exercises, but instead of a placebo, they took 9 milligrams of epigallocatechin by weight daily for a year.

After that, the participants answered a series of tests to measure their intellectual, motor, behavior and memorization skills. In those who took the extract, it was possible to notice a slight improvement in short-term memory, in the ability to organize themselves in everyday life, to adapt and a decrease in impulsivity.

The brain scans of the patients show an increase in neural connections in the frontal region of the brain, which suggests that, in fact, there has been an increase in information processing.

One of the study’s leaders explains that, although the changes observed in the final tests were not very significant (they did not show improvement in 13 of the 15 tests), they were enough for the parents of almost all the volunteers to perceive if the child had taken the Green Tea treatment or the placebo.

Don’t Do It at Home:  But make no mistake, the cure isn’t necessarily inside a tea bag. To match the amount of epigallocatechin that the volunteers took during the experiment in a cup, eight cups of Green Tea  should be consumed a day for a whole year.

In addition to being an absurd amount of the drink, there are a multitude of brands of Green Tea that have other components along with the extract. The researchers urge families to consult their trusted doctors and not rush into the market for any tea.

The researchers intend to continue the investigation, but this time with boys and girls with Down Syndrome . The explanation is simple: brain changes are limited in adults, because the brain is already fully developed, but if the treatment is applied to children, the hope is that the effects will be even better. So, would you like a cup?

Green Tea Consumption Tips:  Do not reheat the drink! It is advisable to make the amount you are going to drink and consume right away. Drink three to six cups a day. For a better quality in the preparation of Green Tea , always check the expiry date of the Green Tea . Green Tea Herbbe stored away from light and in a cool, dry place. With this, you guarantee the preservation of its beneficial substances.

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