The 3 Home Tips to End the Hiccup!

The 3 Homemade Tips to End Hiccup in a simple and 100% natural way. In addition, the hiccup is often not as simple as we imagine.

The hiccup is a manifestation of an involuntary stimulus of muscles linked to breathing, mainly the diaphragm (divides the thorax from the abdomen ), the hiccup that causes inspiration in a short and irregular way, because when you have a hiccup it is because it is not in sync with the the respiratory cycle.

But there are some interventions to end this situation that makes us uncomfortable. So check out now the 3 homemade tips to end the hiccup.

Most Common Causes of Hiccups:

Water To Stop Hiccups: One of the most used methods by people in order to control hiccups is to bet on water . Drink nine or 10 quick, consecutive sips of water for hiccups .

Thus, rhythmic contractions of the esophagus prevail over spasms of the diaphragm , which causes the hiccup we all know well. If you can cover your ears while drinking the liquid, even better to stop the hiccups .

By putting pressure on the vagus nerve, you still enjoy the aforementioned swallowing benefit for hiccups . To press the ears and drink the water at the same time, you can use a straw to help the process, the hiccup will go away;

Another solution for hiccups , place a paper towel in the mouth of the glass and try to drink through it great for hiccups . This effort to ingest the water will force the diaphragm to strain while you suck the  water  ending the hiccup . This action cancels out the spasmodic muscle movements and thus gradually controls the hiccup .

Breathing to Stop Hiccups: Yes breathing is great for hiccups . So Breathing into a paper bag for a few minutes, and even holding your breath for as long as you can, can also, in most people, stop the hiccup.

Clove to Eliminate Hiccups: Cloves are very rich in health benefits, so your tea could not be left out to eliminate the terrible hiccups .  It’s easy and practical, check it out.



  • First crush the clove cloves and then.
  • put them in the glass of water .
  • Boil the water for 1 minute.
  • Drink by the sips.

Tips to End Simple Hiccup Quickly:

  • To stop the hiccup , do a tongue pull .
  • Elevate the uvula (that “bell” in the throat ) with a perfect spoon to end the hiccup .
  • Eat a spoon of sugar great solution to end hiccups .
  • To stop the hiccup , hold your breath.
  • To stop the hiccup , blow your nose .
  • Folding the legs over the belly is great to stop the hiccup .
  • Inhale quickly, as if we had a perfect scare to end the hiccup .
  • To stop the hiccup , make an effort to burp .

If the hiccup does not go away, you should see a doctor, as this hiccup is a case of neurological follow-up.

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