Homemade recipe to whiten teeth in just 2 minutes!

With these three natural ingredients, we can achieve amazing looking results when whitening teeth naturally and quickly. Although, both coconut oil and turmeric are potent antimicrobials that can help us get rid of plaque that progressively darkens our teeth, making them more prone to cavities and gingivitis .

With these three natural ingredients, we can achieve amazing results in the appearance of our teeth. The mixture works like a 100% natural toothpaste that allows us to whiten teeth, remove tartar and improve breathing . So learn homemade recipe to whiten teeth in 2 minutes!

Homemade teeth whitening recipe

Also, coconut oil and clay are two common ingredients in organic toothpastes; Turmeric is a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory that is used in the treatment of numerous ailments .


– Coconut oil ;
– Clay ;
– Saffron.


  1. Mix the clay and turmeric and add the coconut oil until you get an easy-to-apply gel texture.
  2. We prepare the amount we want, but we recommend not preparing too much at once, as coconut oil can be painful.
  3. Ideally, keep this remedy for up to 15 days.

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