Home Recipe to Remove Warts Naturally

Homemade Recipe to Remove Warts Naturally and with 100% natural ingredients. In addition, warts are common and can be removed whenever it bothers the individual. However, they must be evaluated by the doctor before starting any type of treatment so that he can identify the type of wart that the person has and then indicate the best type of treatment. The Cryotherapy technique is often recommended, in which the wart is removed using liquid nitrogen at negative temperatures.Warts are usually benign and do not cause major health problems, especially if they are located in other parts of the body other than the intimate regions, because if they are present there, they are called genital warts that can only be treated by the doctor because they can cause cancer .

A great home remedy to remove common warts , which appear on the skin of the face, arms, hands, legs and feet, and apply a specific adhesive tape directly to the wart , but another form of treatment is to apply a little bit of Malaleuca essential oil.

Although a visit to the dermatologist is recommended in any case to have a correct diagnosis and an adequate treatment, in the cases of common, flat and plantar, you can try natural methods that also work to eliminate them. So, check out the  Home Recipe to Remove Warts Naturally.


Preparation mode:

  • Peel and grate on the thinnest part of the grater an amount of São Paulo or Japanese yam , enough to cover the affected area;
  • Also grate the ginger with the peel;
  • It is one part of ginger to ten of yam ;
  • Form a paste with this mixture;

How to use:

  • Apply it on the region, cover with gauze or other thin cloth, never with plastic or synthetic material;
  • In a few hours, the paste dries; remove with warm water;
  • Sometimes the yam pricks, or itches, because it contains many crystals of oxalic acid;
  • This happens sporadically, depending on factors such as harvest or planting location;
  • In this case, apply olive oil or oil to the skin before placing the plaster; the fat neutralizes the itching;

You Can Swipe Your Face For A Cleansing:

  • On the face, you apply it before bed, without flour and without covering it with gauze;
  • Just pass with a brush or spread it lightly with your fingers;
  • And, in this case, only use yams that do not itch or itch on the skin;
  • When you peel the yam , you will know whether or not it is good for the skin;
  • Leave 30 minutes;
  • Rinse very well;
  • If you use it every day, the skin will be clean and smooth;

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