Homemade Recipe to Remove Tartar from Teeth

Homemade Recipe to Remove Tartar from Teeth in a simple and 100% natural way. Also,  tartar when you don’t have a good cleaning appears, sometimes called calculus or dental tartar , which is the bacterial plaque that has hardened on your teeth due to the deposition of minerals in the plaque. It can also form on the edge of the gums and below them and can irritate the gum tissues .If you have tartar and want to remove it for good, let’s find a product that will remove it. So, check out  Home Recipe to Remove Tartar from TeethHome Recipe to Remove Tartar from Teeth:



  • The first thing to do is mix a tablespoon of salt with half a teaspoon of salt in a glass.
  • After soaking the toothbrush in hot water, soak it in the mixture and scrub your teeth with the brush (skewers residue). Continue this same process for five minutes to weaken tartar . Sodium bicarbonate.
  •  Mix a spoonful of hydrogen peroxide with half a spoonful of hot water and rinse your mouth for a minute, then spit it out and rinse with half a glass of cold water.
  •  rub toothpick on teeth   with  yellow tartar . Be careful not to scratch your gums because they can irritate and bleed.
  •  rinse the mouth with an Antiseptic mouthwash and repeat every other day.

Preventing the formation of tartar on the teeth:

Brush your teeth for 2 minutes at least 2 times a day (preferably after each meal and before going to bed).

Choose a brush that isn’t too big, with soft, rounded bristles to easily reach all surfaces of your mouth like your back teeth ; You can also opt for electric toothbrushes to remove tartar. Dental floss is important at least once a day to prevent periodontal disease.

Mouthwash: It is important to achieve optimal oral hygiene , as long as it is liquid it reaches the tightest spaces. Go to the dentist at least every 6 months for an oral or procedure to remove scale test.

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