3 ways to remove plaque in 5 minutes!

Simple and natural ways to remove plaque in 5 minutes , as this is an extremely common dental problem that many of us are used to dealing with. The solution to get rid of it is usually to visit the dentist, but we should know that there are also natural and less invasive ways to get rid of plaque. You’ve probably heard your dentist talk about plaque.

In addition, plaque  is colorless, sometimes a little white, but always dangerous. This leads to the breakdown of tooth enamel and eventually causes tooth decay . Also, plaque can eventually turn into something more dangerous like tartar and then it can bring about consequences such as gingivitis and periodontitis, which can destroy the bones that support the teeth and tooth roots under the gums.

To prevent plaque buildup, it’s important to brush and floss two or three times a day. To avoid the accumulation of bacterial plaque, it is important to brush and floss two or three times a day. For extra protection, use these homemade mouthwashes we’ll teach you.

Ways to remove plaque in 5 minutes:

1. Sodium bicarbonate:


– 50 ml of water;
– 1/4 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda ;
– 2 drops of undiluted peppermint essential oil;
– 1 drop of tea essential oil.

Preparation method:

  1. Heat the water until it acquires a warm temperature and add the bicarbonate of soda , mixing very well;
  2. you have the solution ready, add the drops of essential oils and keep stirring some more;
  3. When you’re ready to store it in the fridge.

How to use:

  • After brushing your teeth, rinse your mouth with water and then do the natural rinse with baking soda .

If you use it warmly, it will have a greater bacterial and stain removing effect, but if you use it after it has cooled down a bit, it will give you much fresher mint breath. Rinse for about 4-5 minutes and then spit out the mixture, then give a final rinse with water.

2. Anti-septic:


– 120 ml or 4 table spoons of peppermint essential oil;
– 1 teaspoon or 5 ml of thyme extract ;
– 2 tablespoons or 10 ml of gum extract;
– 5 to 10 drops of mint flavor extract.

Preparation method:

  1. This mouthwash is so tasty that you will be tempted to drink a drink from it.
  2. Also, to prepare peppermint essential oil ;
  3. (buy at health food stores),
  4. Also, mix thyme extract, myrrh gum extract, and mint flavor extract in a small glass jar.
  5. In order for you to use this mixture, first you will have to mix it well,
  6. Also, and then you will have to move it in your mouth for 30 seconds before spitting it out and rinsing it with water.

3. Essential oil:


– 1 cup of distilled water;
– 2 teaspoons of sea salt ;
– 1 teaspoon of magnesium powder; – peppermint
essential oil ; – 2 drops of cinnamon oil ; – 2 drops of cloves .

Preparation method:

  1. Also, to prepare it, just mix distilled water, sea salt , magnesium powder, powder
  2. peppermint essential oil, cinnamon essential oil and clove essential oil in a glass bottle.
  3. Then shake the mixture very well and you are good to go. Wash your mouth with this and rinse well.

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