Homemade Recipe to Remove Fat from the Liver!

This Fruit Is Called Liver Renewer: In Less Than 30 Days You’ll Have A Liver 20 Years Younger. In addition, the word detox has become an adjective for several fitness products and treatments that seek weight loss . Detoxification of the body, however, is much deeper and more complex and one must understand how to remove fat from the liver  naturally. The body suffers from the excess of toxins that are produced after the consumption of industrialized and processed foods. In addition to fat accumulation , eating bad products can cause inflammation and liver problems.and in the digestive system. To balance the functioning of the organs, it is important to regularly eat detoxifying foods, such as some fruits and vegetables.

Foods with detox properties are rich in antioxidants , which protect cells and prevent premature aging. They even contain natural anti-inflammatory compounds, which facilitate the elimination of toxic substances through the kidneys and intestines and help remove fat from the liver . When we go to the doctor and are diagnosed with fatty liver , we believe that we are going to die, which is the most aggressive disease, but it is not very good, but there are very effective ways to remove fat from the liver.

This disease is the accumulation of fat that is not caused by drinking too much alcohol, but is related to being overweight. In many people they do not experience symptoms or a health problem.

However, they can often present with the disease known as nonalcoholic steatohepatitis . This problem can cause liver failure and even cancer. However, there is no clear cause, but some factors can put you at risk. Overweight and obesity the greater, the greater the risk of suffering from it. Other factors can be loss due to a bad diet, gastric surgery, intestinal disease.

Symptoms of  fatty liver  can be fatigue, pain in the upper right part of the abdomen. If there is liver damage, the symptoms are: weakness, loss of appetite, nausea, yellowing of the skin and eyes, itching, swelling in the legs and gastrointestinal bleeding. There are many fruits in nature that can be the remedy for different diseases and we don’t know, sometimes we eat, drink their juice and never realize how effective they are in curing any disease.

Tamarind is the quintessential fruit to remove fat from your liver, not only the fruit but also the leaves and bark of the tree in an infusion cure any liver problems. Tamarind is purifying, helps digestion, contains fiber and acids, protects the liver, cures bile problems, lowers cholesterol, which eliminates fat from the liver.

Homemade Recipe to Remove Fat from the Liver:



  • Take two handfuls of peeled tamarind and placed in a liter of water, mix well, make this juice and drink it every day, whenever you want, sweeten it with honey to taste.

For the infusion, take 25 leaves of  tamarind  , wash well, boil a liter of water, and boil and place the leaves left to rest for half an hour. If you want, sweeten it with honey or brown sugar to your liking, although it is advisable to drink it without sweetening it.

Cut some bark from the tree and do the same with the leaves, add some cinnamon and drink this infusion twice, at night and in the morning, your liver will thank you.

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