Homemade Recipe to Eliminate Belly Fat in 7 Days!

Homemade recipe to eliminate belly fat in  a simple and effective way. In addition, the poor diet that we carry daily and the lack of physical activity help to start accumulating large amounts of belly fat.

If you are looking for a way to eliminate belly fat in a simple way, we will show you an excellent natural recipe with which you will be able to eliminate it in just 7 days. It is an easy cream to prepare and in a short time you will start to see the effects, although keep in mind that you should not abuse it.

The ingredients you need can be obtained very easily and are very economical; therefore, think no more and start preparing it now.

Homemade recipe to eliminate belly fat:


Preparation mode:

  • The first thing to do is grind the camphor tablets and add them to the baby oil.
  • Mix everything very well to obtain a uniform mixture with the two ingredients.
  • Then we have to let the preparation rest for at least 2 days.
  • And stir it very well every time before you can use it.

Way of use:

  • Apply this cream every night before bed on the abdomen and waist areas.
  • And massage with gentle, circular movements.
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Note: If you are allergic to camphor , do not start treatment. Drink lots of water during this treatment. Only with constant use can you achieve the desired results. With this powerful cream, you can eliminate abdominal fat, but also lose weight in the areas of the abdomen , waist and hips in a short time.

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