Homemade Natural Repellent Recipe

The Homemade Natural Repellent Recipe easy to prepare and with homemade ingredients. In addition, when temperatures rise, mosquitoes invade our homes and indoor spaces, causing inconvenience and bringing diseases such as the dreaded dengue and zika fever. In order for these insects to stay away from you and your family, the most interesting solution, if not the only one, is to make Natural repellent , since purchased smoke and repellents, in addition to being harmful, as they are chemical, end up creating greater resistance for mosquitoes. the ingredients used in their compositions.

As the issue is very complicated, the fight is really difficult because the mosquito is super well adapted to life in the city, every effort is worth it to prevent Aedes aegypti and other vectors from causing serious health problems.

Eugenic acid is extracted from the clove seed , from which an active aroma is obtained that protects against mosquito bites. “The Clove of India , like the citronella grass, is rich in essential oils, responsible for the characteristic odor of the plant. This aroma hinders the mosquito to smell human skin , interfering with the insect’s orientation.

Natural repellent should only not be used by very young children, under 3 years old and people who already know that they are allergic to essences. Lighting a citronella candle is also a great way to avoid being contaminated by dengue. But it is necessary to light the candle during the day, and protection will be made only in the room where the candle is lit. So, check out now The  Homemade Natural Repellent Recipe


  • 500 ml of grain alcohol;
  • 10 g of Cloves ;
  • 100 ml of almond oil, mineral or any other.


  • Place the alcohol and cloves in a dark bottle with a lid, protected from light for 4 days.
  • Stir this mixture 2 times a day, morning and night.
  • Strain and add the body oil, shaking slightly.
  • Place Natural repellent in a spray bottle and apply to the skin  daily.
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How to use homemade repellent:

  • Spray the Natural repellent on the entire body area exposed to the mosquito, such as arms, face and legs, and reapply the Natural repellent whenever you practice sports, sweat, or get wet.
  • The duration time of the Natural repellent on the skin  is 3 hours, after this period it must be reapplied on all the skin subject to bites.
  • Another important guideline is to spray this Natural repellent also on top of clothes because the mosquito’s stinger can penetrate very thin fabrics, reaching the skin .
  • Applying this lotion to surfaces that tend to have ants is also a great way to keep them away.
  • But, if the ants tend to stay in the sugar, what you can do is put some units of Clove of India inside the sugar bowl.

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