homemade mask to remove blemishes and scars from the face

Do you have acne, dark spots and marks on your face? This type of problem is very common in both women and men since the beginning of puberty and since then we have all been looking for ways to eradicate it quickly and effectively.

every imperfection through aesthetic products. Unfortunately, not all of them fulfill their function and the vast majority cause secondary damage, such as allergic reactions . Now, to remedy all these facial ailments, we can use very effective homemade masks for the skin of the face and the rest of the body.

This time we will offer you a very beneficial recipe based on cinnamon, honey and nutmeg, whose medicinal properties will fall in perfection, eliminating acne, dark spots, black spots and wrinkles in just a few lapses of time. So try to write this down, because not everyone has the ability to craft this natural remedy .

Recipe for the natural mask to eradicate facial imperfections:


  • Two tablespoons of pure honey
  • A spoonful of finely ground nutmeg
  • A spoon of cinnamon powder
  • a small container


The preparation method is quite simple and quick to prepare. In the container, mix all the ingredients with the amounts specified above and beat with a wooden spoon, this way you will prevent the mixture from having lumps. Keep whisking until you get a uniform, consistent brown-colored substance, in fact, it will be very similar to a chocolate milkshake.

However, once the remedy is finished, wash your face with warm water, dry with a cloth and proceed to apply the mask to your face in circular motions, with particular emphasis on areas with wrinkles, acne, blackheads , etc. This will make the properties of the ingredients penetrate your skin and work quickly.

Let it sit for half an hour and then wash your face again, this time with cold water so the pores are closed and bacteria don’t get in.

Properties of the materials used in this recipe:

Lower leg:

It is antiseptic, rejuvenates the skin because it stimulates collagen production and eliminates all signs of premature aging.


It acts as a natural exfoliant , cleaning every corner of the face with its application, in addition to giving it the softness and shine it needs.


It helps to prevent diseases that can be contracted thanks to the bacteria that can be found on the face, as it is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

All these components have something in common. As each one is anti-toxic, anti-bacterial and, for best benefits, helps prevent and fight aging, leaving skin soft, smooth and well-groomed.

Now that you know how each ingredient works and the wonders they can work together in a blend, will you use the mask? Ideally, you do this, then you will look much younger, beautiful and spectacular. Remember that your health is paramount and you must watch over it at all times.

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