Homemade mask to remove blemishes from the skin

Homemade mask to remove blemishes from the skin is very simple to make at home. However, before showing homemade mask to remove stains on the skin , let’s understand what stains are. The spots on the skin are pigmentation changes and can appear due to different factors, such as: exposure to the sun, genetics, liver problems, pregnancy , antibiotics, among others.

Skin spots can exist from birth or appear throughout life, due to causes such as excessive sun exposure, skin aging, allergies or serious problems such as cancer, for example. Normally, birthmarks are not serious, and remain the same even with treatments, since the spots that appear throughout life must be identified and treated by a dermatologist, to avoid complications.

However, to prevent the appearance of new spots on the skin , it is important to always apply a sunscreen with a high protection factor before leaving the house, moisturize the skin every day with creams suitable for each type, avoid excessive sun exposure and do not pop pimples or blackheads , which can leave dark scars on the skin . So, the homemade mask to remove stains on the skin is very simple, cheap. But the ideal, always, is to seek help with a dermatologist. Anyway, here’s the recipe:


  • 1 full tablespoon of milk of magnesia
  • egg white ,


  • Beat the egg whites and mix with the milk of magnesia. Just that.
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Then apply the mixture on the skin that is already clean and dry. Let it act for about 20 minutes and remove the product with cold water. The cream can be applied every day.

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