Homemade jicama mask to firm the skin!

This homemade jicama mask to firm the skin is a food with many benefits for the body and especially related to skin care. It’s one of the consequences of the passing of the years, like wrinkles and other expression lines, but time doesn’t have to be an enemy of beauty, so we share all about a wonderful homemade jicama mask to firm the skin.

You probably enjoyed jicama prepared as a snack , as a rich and low- calorie food , but what few say is that it also has many benefits for the body and especially for everything related to skin care.

That’s why you will love the effects of this economical, easy to prepare and extremely effective natural mask, after knowing all this, you will know that it should not be missing at home.

Benefits of jicama:

Jicama is ideal for detoxifying the airways, it also improves intestinal transit and serves as an inflammatory muscle, it is also rich in antioxidants , so that it regenerates cellular tissue and the skin provides a youthful and radiant look.

Particularly when it comes to skin, jicama is an almost natural beauty trick. First of all, it moisturizes you, consuming it frequently will help you get rid of dry areas of your skin as well as improve your figure.

Thanks to the natural toxins it contains, jicama helps to lighten the skin, cleanses pores in depth, fights the appearance of impurities, eliminates dead cells and fights expression lines, restores shine without increasing natural sebum, so forget about skin oily.

Homemade jicama mask to firm the skin:

Now, we will show you how to make the homemade and natural jicama mask for the skin, in the comfort of your home, a home remedy that will impress you with the results:


– Fresh jicama;
– Aloe vera ;
– Water.

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Preparation mode: 

  1. Grind a piece of jicama, about a quarter if it is large or medium if it is small.
  2. Add two tablespoons of aloe vera and a little water .
  3. Now put the mask on your clean face and let it act for 20 minutes.
  4. Remove with plenty of water and moisturize the skin, repeat two or three times a week.

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