The 4 Homemade Fruit Masks for Oily Skin

Homemade Fruit Masks for Oily Skin  are healthy ways to take care of your skin naturally. In addition, fruits are considered the best food to have a healthy body and mind.They are rich in minerals, vitamins and are easily digestible. And the healthier it is, the greater the beauty of the person. Fruit extracts are widely used in cosmetic skin care preparations because of the vitamins present.

Citrus fruits work best when it comes to oily skin tone. Fruits like Orange , and Lemon can be used on oily skin for refreshment and healthy glow. These fruits have astringent and toning properties that can help a lot in your skin care regimen.

Even though citrus fruits are highly beneficial in skin care, keep in mind that you should always mix them with other ingredients when using on your face. As these fruits are acidic in nature, they can cause irritation and unclogging. And also citrus fruits are not the only fruits possible to use. So, check out  The 4 Homemade Fruit Masks for Oily Skin:

Lemon Mask:  Cut half a lemon , squeeze the juice and add 2 teaspoons of buttermilk and 2 tablespoons of fuller earth. Mix well with a spoon until creamy. This serves as a  Homemade Fruit Mask for Oily Skin . Regular use rejuvenates the skin and improves its appearance.

Orange Mask: Orange  peels  can be dried, powdered and used together with curd or milk as a glow mask for oily skin. Citric acid eventually removes dark spots, tan and other blemishes to create glowing skin.

Strawberry Mask:  Strawberry has anti-aging properties to keep fine lines and age spots away. And they work well as Homemade Fruit Mask for Oily Skin . Crush some strawberries and pour somediluted lemon juice . Nothing can be sweeter in aroma and refreshing than this. 

Banana Mask:  The  Banana Mask works great as  a Homemade Fruit Mask for Oily Skin . Crush and mix 1 Banana with a tablespoon of Honey and some Orange Juice . Apply this on your face and wash off with warm water after 15-20 minutes. It is not necessary to use orange or lemon juice . Since Banana and Honey already work wonderfully on oily skin.

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