home remedies to treat bronchitis at home

Home Remedy to Treat Bronchitis at Home  is natural and very easy to prepare.  Also, Bronchitis is inflammation of the main air passages to the lungs . The acute form of Bronchitis is very common and is usually accompanied by other conditions, such as the flu or another respiratory problem . The chronic version of Bronchitis needs special care.

Bronchitis can be acute (short-lived) or chronic (lasts for a long time and has high recurrence) . The acute form of Bronchitis is very common and is usually accompanied by other conditions, such as the flu or other respiratory problems. The chronic version of Bronchitis needs special care.

Bronchitis can be classified as being:

  • Asthmatic bronchitis: It is the inflammation of the bronchi with accumulation of secretion caused by a respiratory allergy. It is not always curable, but it can be controlled with the use of medicine prescribed by the doctor and home remedies can also be helpful.
  • Chronic bronchitis: It is inflammation of the bronchi with accumulation of secretion that lasts more than 3 months, even with apparently adequate treatment. It can be treated with the drugs prescribed by the pulmonologist, but physical therapy and the use of natural remedies such as expectorant teas can help to release secretions and make breathing easier. There are greater chances of cure when there is no chronic obstructive pulmonary disease involved.
  • Allergic Bronchitis: This is closely related to a respiratory allergy and is not contagious. It doesn’t always have a cure, but the use of vaccines can be useful to control the allergic reaction, which can represent a cure for the disease , for some patients.

Main Symptoms of Bronchitis: The symptoms of Bronchitis , both acute and chronic, are:

Even after acute bronchitis has disappeared , you may still have a dry, bothersome cough that goes on for several weeks. Other symptoms of chronic bronchitis consist of:

Causes of Bronchitis:  The causes of Bronchitis can be related to other diseases such as chronic sinusitis, allergy, tonsillitis; inhalation of toxic substances, cigarettes or pollutants, or contamination with certain fungi, viruses or bacteria. The diagnosis of Bronchitis can be made after observing the symptoms that the individual has and pulmonary auscultation.

Exams that may be useful are: x-ray, sputum examination and spirometry to assess the extent of bronchitis and thus indicate the best form of treatment. So, check out the Complete  Home Remedy Recipe to Treat Bronchitis at Home:


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  • Place, in the blender, 1 cup (tea) of chopped watercress leaves , the juice of 2 oranges , ½ small chopped carrot  , 1 tablespoon of honey  and 1 cup (tea) of filtered water.
  • Blend well, strain and drink immediately.

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