Home Remedy To Prevent Anemia!

Home Remedy to Prevent Anemia is made in a simple natural way. Furthermore,  Anemia is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the condition in which the hemoglobin content in the blood is below normal as a result of a lack of one or more essential nutrients  , whatever the cause of this deficiency.

Anemias can be caused by a deficiency of several nutrients such  as iron , zinc, vitamin B12 and proteins. However, anemia caused by iron deficiency  , called Iron Deficiency Anemia , is much more common than the others (it is estimated that 90% of anemias are caused by iron deficiency  ).

Iron  is an essential nutrient for life and is primarily involved in the synthesis (manufacturing) of red blood cells and the transport of oxygen to all cells in the body This Home Remedy to Prevent Anemia  will help you to replace iron   to prevent anemia .

Anemia Symptoms: The symptoms of anemia are widely known. However, for you to have a little more knowledge of the disease, read the list of possible symptoms of  anemia  below:

Usually, the most common symptoms are tiredness , weakness and malaise. Almost always, people who suffer from anemia have about three or more symptoms of those described above, but don’t worry we will prevent these symptoms of anemia  with this Home Remedy To Prevent Anemia .

Causes of Anemia: Anemia isa disease that is usually caused by poor diet, at least in the most common cases. Anemia is characterized worldwide as  a condition in which the individual has a hemoglobin content below normal. This condition usually happens due to a lack of important nutrients  in our body.

A lack of iron, vitamin B12, zinc and a lack of protein can lead to anemia . A person with  anemia  usually lacks all these nutrients  and mainly presents a lack of iron in their body.

Treatment of Anemia:  Iron  can be supplied to the  body by foods of animal and vegetable origin, preventing  anemia . Iron  of animal origin is better used by the body . Red meats are the best sources of  iron  , especially liver of any animal and other viscera (offals), such as kidney and heart ; poultry and fish, raw seafood. However, there are some home remedies that can  fight anemia.  So, check out Home Remedy to Prevent Anemia.


  • 2 large beets  , grated
  • 1 cup (tea) of brown sugar
  • ½ cup (tea) of water


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