Home Remedy to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

The Home Remedy to Lower Cholesterol Naturally  is simple and 100% natural. In addition, cholesterol is a type of fat found in our body that is important for its normal functioning. Cholesterol is the structural component of cell membranes in our body and is present in the heart , brain , liver , intestines , muscles , nerves and skin .

Cholesterol is necessary for the formation of bile acids, responsible for the digestion of fat ; it also intervenes in the production of some hormones and in cardiovascular health . The problem is that, although many organs need cholesterol , its excessive accumulation causes irreparable damage and, in fact, could become a potential killer.

Approximately 70% of cholesterol is produced by our own body, in the liver , while the other 30% comes from the diet .

The so-called “ good cholesterol ” is HDL or high-density lipoprotein, as its density is between 1,063 and 1,210 g/mL. It is considered good because it carries cholesterol from the body’s tissues back to the liver  for metabolism or bile excretion, it cleanses the arteries, and it quickly lowers cholesterol  and the risk of cardiovascular disease .

The “ bad cholesterol ” is LDL or low-density lipoprotein (between 1.006 and 1.063 g/mL). High levels of LDL in the body are harmful because it plays the opposite role of HDL, that is, it transports the cholesterol produced in the liver  to the tissues of the body, which generates its accumulation in the walls of the arteries, which can lead to its clogging (arteriosclerosis).

Causes of Cholesterol: Eating too muchsaturated fat is one of the main causes of high cholesterol , although there are several other factors that can affect blood cholesterol levels such as:

Preventing Cholesterol: In addition to a balanced diet, there are other ways to prevent cholesterol from rising and even lowering it:

  • Exercise : Physical activity can help you lose weight  and reduce tension. By controlling your weight, exercising or playing sports, you feel better and lower your risk of heart attack and lower blood cholesterol levels
  • Avoid stress: a less stressed life also decreases the risk of heart attack and Decrease Cholesterol . Try to turn your daily activities into something that gives you satisfaction.
  • Eat a low- fat and low- cholesterol diet : be strict in food control.
  • Use low-fat dairy products: skimmed milk, low- fat yogurt and light ice cream.
  • Eat More Fruits and Vegetables to  Lower Cholesterol Fast.
  • Eat more grilled or baked fish and less fried meat.
  • Eat a variety of fiber -rich foods  , such as oatmeal, whole-grain breads, and apples. Fiber helps  to Lower Cholesterol Quickly.
  • Limit your intake of saturated fat , such as fat from dairy products .
  • Limit cholesterol -rich foods such as egg yolks and liver .
  • Avoid fried foods .

Dietary care should be redoubled by people with diabetes , as they have a risk of manifestations of atherosclerosis that is three to four times greater than that of non-diabetic people.

Treatment to Lower Cholesterol: There are several types of treatments to Lower Cholesterol Quickly , but a great remedy to Lower Cholesterol is garlic  juicewith acerola and avocado , as it contains properties that help prevent excess bad cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular diseases.


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  • In a blender, blend all ingredients for 3 minutes;
  • Take 1 glass (200ml) 2 times a day.

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