Home Remedy to Get Rid of Nail Ringworm

Home Remedy To Get Rid Of Nail Ringworm. that anyone can do. In addition, a great home remedy for nail fungus, scientifically called onychomycosis, is made with garlic, as well as peppermint foot bath , as they have antiseptic and antifungal properties that help fight nail fungus, which It is a fungal infection that leaves the nail yellow and deformed. These home remedies for ringworm can be used on toenails and fingernails. But the treatment for ringworm can be done with antifungals indicated by the dermatologist in the form of a tablet, ointment or nail polish.What Are Nail Ringworm: Onychomycosis are fungal infections of the nails. Toenails  are more commonly affected thanfingernailsIn addition, keratin (the material that the nail is composed of), the “food” for fungi, is more abundant in toenails than in fingernails  . Onychomycosis represent both a health problem and an aesthetic problem and, in both aspects, require a prompt solution. Onychomycoses are often associated with dermatomycoses.

Causes of Nail Mycosis: Onychomycosis is caused by fungi contracted from the soil, animals or other people, through contaminated instruments used to cut and beautify the nails, such as pliers and scissors. People with immunodeficiencies, diabetes mellitus, psoriasis, etc. are more predisposed to nail mycoses than others.

Symptoms of Mycosis on the Nail:

  • Thickening and detachment of nails.
  • White spots.
  • Deformation and even destruction of nails.
  • At the same time the nails change color and become brittle or very hard and may come off the skin of the fingers.

Remedy to Treat Ringworm of the Nail:  The treatment to eliminate this problem can be somewhat boring and almost always requires a certain period of time to be really effective. You are suffering from this type of infection. So, check out what are the  Home Remedies to End Ringworm on the Nail:


  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 bottle of Chlorhexidine or Merthiolate


  • Place the garlic clove  inside the chlorhexidine or Merthiolate bottle and apply the mixture 3 times a day on the infected nails for 1 month.
  • Home remedy with peppermint A  good home remedy for mycosis of the toenail is the peppermint foot  bath .
  • Peppermint has antiseptic properties that help fight nail fungus .



  • Put the boiling water in a bowl and add the mint leaves – pepper .
  • Then, with warm water, soak your feet  for about 20 minutes and dry very well afterwards.

OBS:  The most important thing is that people seek information, know the treatment options that can be used and, together with a professional they trust, start their treatment as soon as possible.

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