Home Remedy to Eliminate Chilblains at Once

The Home Remedy to Eliminate Chilblains at Once in a simple and 100% natural way. Also, to eliminate   Frieira is something that people are always looking for and often fail to stop  Frieira becoming a big problem. But the great news I have to give you is that there are methods that eliminate Frieira and make you no longer feel ashamed with sores or bad smell in the foot the terrible Frieira .

Frieira , which is also known as athlete ‘s foot, arises for several reasons, and Frieira occurs most often due to constant sweating or lack of hygiene and basic foot care .

Some of the most common symptoms of Frieira are the appearance of itchy blisters , the cracking and irritation between the fingers ( Frieira ). There are several ways to treat and end Chilblains on your feet. Then check out below The 3 Home Recipes to Eliminate Chilblains.

Causes of Chilblains:

Treatment for Chilblains:  Treatment for Chilblains can be done with the use of anti-fungal remedies that must be applied to the region daily, for the time recommended by the doctor. In addition to treatment, some care is important such as:

  • Avoid closed shoes;
  • Always wear cotton socks;
  • Prevent your feet from getting sweaty;
  • Dry your feet very well with a terry towel and hair dryer, especially during treatment.
  • A good home treatment for Frieira  consists of applying 1 clove of fresh crushed garlic directly to the Frieira  and letting it act for at least 1 hour.

In addition, These remedies can be used both in the treatment of acute and chronic chilblains , but they must be prescribed by a dermatologist. So, check out this great option of Home Remedy to Eliminate Chilblains at Once.



  • Cook 5 garlic cloves and 3 chopped potatoes in 1 liter of water.
  • Strain and use the cooking broth to wash the affected parts up to 4 times a day.
  • Reuse the garlic and potatoes in another recipe.

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