Home remedy to fight bad digestion

Home Remedy to Combat Bad Digestion  is a good natural alternative to end or lessen the effects of Bad Digestion . Also, what started out as a discomfort is turning into an upset stomach and burning sensation . It is usually due to excess in food, fluid intake during meals and insufficient chewing are the main causes of the problem, which can trigger Bad Digestion , gas and stomach pain .

Bad Digestion  is caused by the reflux of gastric acid (responsible for the digestion of food): it goes from the stomach to the esophagus , as if it were going to return to the mouth. This reflux, in turn, is caused by the malfunction of a kind of valve, called a sphincter: it opens for food to pass from the esophagus  to the stomach and then must close to retain what was ingested and also the gastric juices that circulate around there but this can be avoided because here I will present you a powerful  Home Remedy to Combat Bad Digestion.

Treatments for Bad Digestion  are based on reducing or controlling the amount of acid produced by the stomach .

Foods that Can Cause Heartburn and Bad Digestion:  Excessive eating, fluid intake during meals and insufficient chewing are the main causes of Bad Digestion , which can trigger gas, stomach pains and  other foods can also trigger the problem like:

How to Prevent Bad Digestion:  Lifestyle changes can result in big improvements to the symptoms of Bad Digestion  and stomach burning . Some prevention tips to combat Bad Digestion  are:

  • Maintain a  healthy weight . This can include regular exercise and eating control.
  • Avoid  very spicy or fatty foods This includes reducing the consumption of chocolate, peppers, fried foods in general, onions, garlic and coffee .
  • Eat more fruits  and vegetables, but be careful with citrus fruits  .
  • Reduce your consumption of soft drinks.
  • Avoid alcohol and cigarettes, as these agents have been proven to worsen burns .
  • Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight or belts in the abdominal area.
  • Do not lie down or sit right after meals.
  • In some cases it is necessary to raise the pillow at bedtime, so that the head is a little higher.

After digestion , the acidic contents of the stomach rise up along the esophagus , giving way to Bad Digestion  and heartburn . These sometimes remain located in the stomach and fight bad digestion. Check out this powerful Home Remedy to Fight Bad Digestion.



  • Boil ½ tablespoon of dried carqueja leaves  with ½ tablespoon of fresh marjoram leaves  and 1 liter of water.
  • Let it cool down, strain and drink 1 cup (tea) 30 minutes before lunch and dinner.

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