Home Remedy to Control Excessive Sweating

Home Remedy to Control Excessive Sweating in a simple and 100% natural way. Furthermore, sweating is a natural process by which the body eliminates toxins and compounds that have built up inside the body.

When the individual sweats excessively, most people tend to feel uncomfortable as it is not a socially well-regarded problem. In medical terms, this situation is known as hyperhidrosis.

It is usually associated with thyroid nervous system problems or low blood sugar. These remedies are medicinal plants that help the body stay dry by controlling excessive sweating .

Sage:  It is a powerful source of vitamin B. Therefore, magnesium is a natural antiperspirant that controls the function of sweat glands. To use sage, you can prepare an infusion with five tablespoons of dried sage in two liters of hot water. Drink two to three cups a day.

Thyme, Apple Cider Vinegar and Rosemary:  Another alternative to stop excessive sweating is to prepare a natural deodorant, in addition to stopping this problem without altering the body’s natural pH. This deodorant acts directly on the perspiration of the glands. So, check out the recipe for Home Remedy to Control Excessive Sweating.


Preparation mode:

  • Place a tablespoon of rosemary and thyme in a glass of water;
  • Boil the water for about 15 minutes;
  • Wait for the liquid to cool and then mix it with half a glass of vinegar;
  • Apply the liquid to the area affected by excess sweat using a clean cotton or gauze;
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Walnut Leaves: Walnut  leaves have antiseptic and astringent properties, which are responsible for regulating sweat and excess perspiration. You just have to boil two tablespoons of walnut leaf in a liter of water. After the decoction, let it rest for a while and wet a cloth to apply to desired areas.

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