10 Home Remedies to Treat Nervous Gastritis

Home Remedies to Treat Nervous Gastritis  100% Effectively. Also,  nervous gastritis is an inflammation that occurs in the stomach caused by various causes: fast eating, stress, eating spoiled food, and so on. It is possible to cure under the supervision of a doctor and by taking medication and given treatment, but being a less serious illness, it can be cured naturally. We let you know how to cure nervous gastritis with natural remedies, without abusing drugs. So, check out  Home Remedies to Treat Nervous Gastritis.

Healthy Eating:  To treat stomach pain and general discomfort caused by nervous gastritis , the most important thing is to have a bland diet during the days when you are feeling unwell. Eat little and eat mostly water, tea, grilled food like turkey and soft bread.

Rice Water: Rice water is one of the Home Remedies to Treat Gastritis Nervosa resulting after cooking, take water and drink it, consumption of one cup three times a day. This is one of the most popular stomach pain remediesand is perfect for relieving discomfort and ensuring well-being.

Chamomile Tea:  Drinking chamomile tea three times a day will help treat Gastritis Nervosa . This is because among the various medicinal properties of chamomile emphasizes its ability to improve digestion, reduce inflammation and gas, and treat colic and gastric conditions. Hot drinks can also be just as effective. Put a cup of water to boil in a cup with two tablespoons of chamomile leaves and let it boil for 10 minutes. You should take this three times a day to help nervous gastritis .

Gelatin:  A good choice of  Home Remedies to Treat Nervous Gastritis  is cold gelatin excellent for relieving pain and reducing inflammation, significantly improving discomfort.

Parsley Juice: Another recommendation that you should implement to treat Gastritis Nervosa  is to liquefy a handful of parsley with water in order to make a juice. Take it cold twice a day for the duration of the discomfort, thus, you will significantly improve the pain caused by nervous gastritis , thanks to the properties of parsley .

Avoid Dairy Foods:  Avoid milk and dairy products as they are very strong and will cause stomach inflammation. These do not help to control nervous gastritis , on the contrary.

Carrot Juice: Carrot juice is the best Home Remedies to Treat Nervous Gastritis . Carrots have anti-inflammatory as well as diuretic properties that help in quick recovery from ailments caused by gastritis.

Eat Fruits: When you are feeling better and able to digest solid foods, start with fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably green ones, as they help to have better digestion and protect the stomach.

Stay Calm:  Among the Home Remedies to Treat Nervous Gastritis  , tranquility, rest, stress -free , healthy living are essential to improve any discomfort and illness, especially stomach discomfort regularly caused by nerves and situations that push us to the limit.

This article is informative, they have no power to prescribe any medical treatment or make any diagnosis. We invite you to visit a doctor in case you experience any kind of condition or discomfort.


  • Drink lots of water.
  • See your doctor if symptoms of gastritis nervosa appear too often.
  • Include solid foods in your diet very slowly.

 Nervous  gastritis is most often caused by excessive alcohol consumption, chronic vomiting, stress , or long-term use of certain anti-inflammatory drugs. Acute cases of gastritis are caused by bacterial or viral infections, such as pernicious anemia or bile reflux.

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