Homemade Relief for Stress

Homemade Stress Relief Recipe is made in a simple and natural way. In addition, stress is an often elusive symptom. It can be characterized by feelings of fear, discomfort, worry, irritation, frustration, indignation, nervousness, and it can be motivated by many different reasons, and this Home Relief Relief from Stress will help relieve your symptoms. Also, often the cause for stress is unknown. Stress  affects millions  of people and is increasingly common and tends to appear in times of difficulty. The big risk is that stresscan lead to diseases such as high blood pressure and depression. If the situation is serious and persists for a long time, it is necessary to seek medical help.

Symptoms of Stress: Stress isnot the cause of serious problems, but the trigger, as it reduces the body’s immune system, and according to the person’s vulnerability, symptoms of stress and diseases such as:

Causes of Stress:  Not all  stress  is caused by external factors. Stress  can  also be generated automatically:

  • big change in life
  • Job
  • relationship difficulties
  • Financial problems
  • get too busy
  • children and family
  • Inability to accept uncertainty
  • Pessimism
  • negative self talk
  • unrealistic expectations
  • Perfectionism
  • lack of  assertiveness

Stress  can be caused by  something that requires an adaptation or change in our usual environment. Our body reacts to these changes with physical, mental and emotional responses. We all have our ways of reacting to change, so the  causes of  stress can vary  from person to person. So, check out  Home Relief Relief from Stress.



  • In a glass jar, place the leaves of lemongrass and passion fruit .
  • Knead well with the handle of a spoon or pestle and pour the honey on top.
  • Mix, cover and let it rest for 2 days.
  • After the indicated time, strain and take 3 tablespoons per day.

Contraindications:  Pregnant women and people with low blood pressure should avoid consuming this Homemade Recipe to Relieve Stress , especially passion fruit leaves. In high doses, lemongrass can cause heartburn and gastritis.

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