7 home remedies to get rid of bad breath at home

Home remedies to get rid of bad breath at home in a simple and natural way. Also, the best home remedies to remove bad breath can easily be found in your kitchen. With them, you will have a fresh mouth and perfect oral health, with fresh breath  and healthy appearance.The causes of Bad Breath  are numerous such as: gastric problems, poor oral hygiene, gum disease, improper diet, constipation , smoking , diabetes , indigestion , liver malfunction , runny nose , stress , as well as, after eating. a healthy meal with garlic, onions or spices.

It is very important to have good oral hygiene and brushing. In addition to having knowledge about Bad Breath there are several techniques. How to detect bad breath

Some of them are: putting a handkerchief over your lips, blowing and then sniffing the handkerchief. If you have noticed any unpleasant odors, you have Bad Breath . Another very simple one is to make a tunnel with both hands, then breathe out on them.

If you notice a bad smell, you probably have bad breath . You can also use dental floss, which should run smoothly between your teeth. So, check out  7 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bad Breath:

Yellow-fleshed Peach to Eliminate Bad Breath:  Eating yellow-fleshed peach pieces  often helps to significantly improve your breath permanently as it neutralizes foul, irritating breath .

Baking Soda To Eliminate Bad Breath: Baking soda is also a great neutralizer and one of these effects is the fight against bad breath . You can use it in several ways: add it to a glass of water, dip your toothbrush and brush with the liquid. You can also use baking soda directly by putting it on your toothbrush and brushing it like you would a toothpaste.

Finally, you can make a mixture with water and gargle this liquid. Baking soda doesn’t help fight bad breath by directly killing bacteria, but it also fights heartburn that can cause bad breath.

Tree Oil to Eliminate Bad Breath: You can directly apply a few drops of this tea tree oil to your toothbrush and brush normally or mix a few drops with water and gargle.

Fennel Seeds To Eliminate Bad Breath: Fennel seeds have many benefits to eradicate bad breath . It can be chewed directly or drunk as. The seeds will give you a fresh mouth and better taste.

Parsley To Eliminate Bad Breath: Chewing parsley leaves can provide neutral breathing, and it is also a delicious tea to take advantage of all its benefits. Parsley water is very helpful to cleanse the kidneys.

Garlic Cloves to Eliminate Bad Breath: With garlic cloves , you can make tea. The antiseptic properties can eliminate Bad Breath , freeing our mouth from the bad smell.

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Sage to Eliminate Bad Breath: This plant is rich in antiseptic essential oils, which can remove bad breath as it will kill the bacteria causing bad breath. Chew on some sage leaves  or make a nice tea. In a glass of boiled water, add some leaves of the plant, let it rest for a few minutes and drink it with each meal.

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