Home remedies to fight the flu

Home Remedy For Flu is an excellent way to lessen the “boring” effects of a cold. In addition, the flu or cold, who has never had some of these diseases? We think they are simple diseases, but if poorly cared for, they can lead to serious complications. They stem from infections with each other. When we get a cold, our body’s defenses are low and the first manifestations of the flu , which is a more serious condition, begin.

The cold has catarrhal symptoms of the respiratory tract, while the symptoms of the flu are to a greater degree, with headache and musculoskeletal pain. In addition, food must be special in this period to facilitate healing, you must eat adequate foods that strengthen the immune system.

Cilantro has a striking flavor and aroma, coriander has properties capable of facilitating digestion, controlling nervousness, anxiety and even improving the look of the skin. It is effective in treating inflammation, such as in the bladder and throat, and relieves cold and flu symptoms . In addition, it is rich in minerals that help strengthen bones and prevent cramps. So, check out now The Home Remedy For Influenza



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TIP: In addition to stimulating the appetite, cilantro facilitates the absorption of other nutrients by the body.

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