Home Remedies to Eliminate Kidney Stones!

Kidney stones , also known as cholelithiasis, is one of the oldest and most common diseases of the urinary tract. This pathology is characterized by the presence of small stones, precise calculations, along the course of the urinary tract. Stone formation is the consequence of the same chemical process that involves the precipitation of sugar in a cup of coffee:

if a substance contained in the urine is more concentrated than normal, which gives rise to the so-called oversaturation, it is likely to precipitate and form crystals that fuse with each other at the bottom of the renal calyces precisely form the calculi, from the calculus Latin (pebble). This does not happen in healthy individuals because in the urine there are substances that effectively fight crystallization, basically citrates.

Kidney stones can be made up of several chemical components, single or combined:

  1. In the western world, most stones are calcium oxalate, represent 90% of cases and are radiopaque;
  2. Those of uric acid, increasingly frequent, are radiolucent, which is invisible on plain radiographs but not on ultrasound, has the favorable characteristic of completely melting alkalizing urine with medical therapy, without having to resort to surgery;
  3. Cystine disorders, very rare, often appear from childhood in patients with an inherited pathological condition called cystinuria; often cause complex, bulky, very difficult and difficult to treat stones;
  4. The stones generated by urinary tract infections (triple phosphates), caused by bacteria producing a protein matrix that facilitates the precipitation of dissolved salts in the urine, deserve a separate chapter.
  5. Urinary calculi is a very common disease in the western world and in Italy in particular. It is estimated to affect about 10% of the male population and 5% of the female population.

Kidney stone diagnosis:

The methods for diagnosing kidney stone are:

  1. The first choice is ultrasound, which provides sufficiently detailed information without exposing the patient to radiation;
    The CAT, usually without contrast, only in cases of doubt or in which the most appropriate surgical strategy must be decided.

Home remedies to eliminate kidney stones:

1. Black mulberry tea:


– 15 g of dried black mulberry leaves;
– 1 liter of water .


  1. Place the leaves in boiling water and let stand for fifteen minutes. Then strain and drink the tea four times a day.

2. Watermelon juice:


– 1 celery stalk ;
– 2 slices of watermelon ;
– 1 orange .


  1. Blend all the ingredients in a blender and then drink a glass every three hours.

3. Herbal tea:


– 1 tablespoon of boldo leaves;
– 1 tablespoon of rosemary leaves ;
– a spoon (soup) of chamomile flowers ;
– 1 liter of boiling water .

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  1. Add the above mentioned medicinal plants to the boiling water ;
  2. cover and let stand for about fifteen to twenty minutes.
  3. Then strain and drink four to five cups of this tea a day.

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