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Sleep Apnea Home Remedies are very effective as sleep apnea can be a disturbing, irritating and even dangerous condition. Sleep apnea has been affecting tens of millions of people all over the world, sleep apnea is one of the most common sleep disorders but it is also difficult to diagnose as many people do not even realize they are suffering from this condition. Sleep apnea is a disturbance in the body ‘s breathing effort during sleep . A pause in breathing causes a lack of oxygen flow into the body and an accumulation of carbon dioxide in the body.

This encourages the body to become fully active. There are three types of sleep apnea,  central, obstructive and complex (a combination of the first two). In central sleep apnea , all breathing effort by the body stops and often results in restless sleep and frequent awakenings, resulting in fatigue and other features of poor sleep patterns. Obstructive sleep apnea is a physical obstruction of the airways, so that inhalation occurs through another route i.e. through the nose, causing snoring. Complex apnea is when both types of apnea occur in a single night.

Sleep apnea can have long-term effects of chronic fatigue. If you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea and snoring constantly it can be very difficult to sleep if you have a partner. Fortunately, this is the way most sleep apnea is diagnosed initially, that is, by someone else who notices your sleep behaviors and auditory emissions.

Sleep apnea treatments include everything from nasal strips to open the airways to complex machines that must be worked on during sleep to ensure proper breathing. There are also a number of natural and home remedies that many people turn to, due to the expense and inconvenience of more formal treatments. Then check out, Home Remedies for Sleep Apnea .

Quit Smoking: One of the main causes of Sleep Apeia , especially obstructive ones, is smoking . This causes constriction and weakness within the airway, as well as inflammation, which can block the effort of breathing at sleep . If you want to stop snoring, eliminating cigarettes from your life is a wise choice, especially given all the other health problems they can cause. Smokers can have sleep apnea three times more often than non-smokers.

Side Sleeping:  One of the home remedies for sleep apnea is sleeping on your side. When you sleep on your back, it is much more difficult for your respiratory system to compensate for sleep apnea symptoms , such as airway obstruction. The tongue and soft tissues of the throat will naturally fall to the back of the mouth when you are sleeping on your back, thus blocking the airway and causing snoring. Sleeping with a pillow between your knees can help keep you on your side while you sleep.

Losing Weight: Obesity is closely linked to Sleep Apnea , as the body is basically overloaded with extra tissue. Weight loss can be beneficial in ruling out the  symptoms of sleep apnea , as this extra fat can block the airway, causing snoring and interruption of respiratory activity. Losing weight can also help boost your health in other ways, but it’s particularly effective at preventing all types of sleep apnea.

Exercise: It is believed that aerobic exercise in many forms can strengthen the respiratory system and prevent sleep apnea . Exercise also depletes our energy and promoteshealthy, deep sleep to repair and recover. Exercise has a wealth of positive effects on the body: increasing the duration and quality of your sleep are two of them.

Singing Practice: This may seem a little unexpected, but singing is one of the Sleep Apnea Home Remedies  as it promotes strengthening of the soft tissues of the throat and palate. By increasing muscle control in these areas, through activities such as singing, there is a lesser chance of muscles becoming loose or slack allowing the airway to become blocked. If you are not a singer or have no interest in this method, there are also a number of instruments that can promote a stronger soft palate, including using an instrument called a didjeridu to improve breath control and strengthen the respiratory system.

Ingesting Magnesium: Sleep apnea primarily affects the muscles in the upper throat region. You must ensure that your muscle regulation is optimal if you are suffering from sleep apnea . Magnesiumis an essential mineral that directly affects muscles throughout our body, so maintaining adequate levels of Magnesium is recommended. You can take magnesium in the form of a supplement or eat foods rich in magnesium such as leafy greens, bananas , beans , avocados , and various seeds.

Lavender Tea: One of the most used sedative and calming herbs is lavender. As a Sleep Apnea Home Remedy , it can reduce inflammation in the throat and muscles that affect sleep apnea . It can also induce deep, restful sleep to prevent common symptoms of fatigue experienced by sleep apnea sufferers .

Regular Sleep Time: The most important Sleep Apnea Home Remedy is making sure you sleep at the same time every day. Because you have irregularities in your sleep schedule, your body cannot establish definite cycles. This makes you sleep “lighter”, making you more prone to muscle irregularities and sleep apnea breathing problems . Try to get a solid 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

Practicing Yoga: A number of Yoga exercises have been associated with reducing inflammation and opening up the airways. Yoga breathing techniquesare very effective in reducing sleep apnea symptoms . You can speak to a Yoga instructor to take these exercises home as well.

A Final Word of Warning: Millions of people suffer from sleep apnea . While most cases do not pose an immediate threat to your health and safety, sleep apnea can be a marker for more serious health conditions and, in very rare cases, it can even be fatal. If you discover that you suffer from sleep apnea , speak to a doctor about possible treatments. These remedies are effective, but they can also work as complementary treatments to more formal strategies to eliminate sleep apnea .

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