3 home remedies to get rid of lice!

These are the best home remedies to get rid of lice at home without harming the hair , as these parasites attach themselves to human hair and feed on the individual’s own blood. A lice infestation is medically popular as pediculosis capitis.

Home remedies to get rid of lice:

1. Coconut Oil:


– 6 tablespoons of coconut oil (90 g);
– 1 tablespoon of rosemary oil (5 g).

Preparation mode:

  1. Combine coconut oil with rosemary oil , heating in a bain-marie, and apply to hair and scalp;
  2. Massage well for a few minutes, cover with a shower cap and let it act for another 6 to 8 hours overnight;
  3. The next day, remove the insects with a fine-toothed comb and wash with your shampoo.

2. Rue leaf tea:


– 40 g of rue leaves ;
– 1 liter of boiling water .

Preparation mode:

  1. Place the rue leaves in boiling water and leave to infuse for 10 minutes;
  2. Cover, let cool and then strain;
  3. When the tea is ready, you must apply this infusion to the hair, with the aid of a cotton or gauze or simply throwing this mixture, ensuring that all the hair is wet;
  4. Then you must wrap a towel around your head and let the rue infusion act for 30 minutes;
  5. Then wash your hair with shampoo and apply the conditioner.

3. Homemade shampoo with thyme:


– Thyme essential oil ;
– Shampoo with neem.

Preparation mode:

  1. Add 3 drops of thyme essential oil to the shampoo and mix well;
  2. Then apply the mixture to wet hair with a light massage, leaving it on for 5 minutes;
  3. After the specified time, rinse the hair well with warm water and pass a fine comb to remove dead lice and nits.

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