Home remedies for head lice

Home Remedies For Head Lice. here  are some simple procedures that can be done at home. In addition, lice  are some of the most common and easily contagious parasites, they mainly affect children, especially those of school age, and also women. Lice spread quickly and reproduce with the same ease, so if they are not eliminated soon after infection, the infestation becomes total. 

home remedies for lice

Transmission occurs directly, through contact with contaminated hair The speed with which they multiply is due to their eggs, the nits, which are quite difficult to remove from the hair, as they are completely attached to them, so the fine comb (used to remove the parasites) is not always able to pull them out and thus they have time to “peel” and turn into new lice that will reproduce thousands of nits in a few days, continuing the terrible cycle.

Mayonnaise:  Mayonnaise is One of the Home Lice Remedies While it may sound like a pretty disgusting option, spreading mayonnaise all over your hair can be one of the quickest and weirdest ways to get rid of head lice . Mayonnaise successfully suffocates lice due to its thick, colloid nature. If the lice are not smothered, they are at least stunned, which may allow you to remove all the lice with a fine-tooth comb. Peanut butter is a similar solution that can be applied in the same way for the same effect.

Olive oil: If you apply olive oil or baby oil to your hair, the thick, viscous oil will smother the lice . The best strategy for this technique is to apply the oil at night, wear a shower cap to sleep, and then remove it in the morning. You should then be able to comb your hair and remove any  lice . Follow this method plus a thorough washing and inspection for at least an additional week. applying this  Home Remedies for Lice you will see results in a few days

Garlic: Although there aren’t many garlic oils , the smell of garlic can also suffocate lice . making it an excellent ingredient for  Home Lice Remedies  You must grind about 10 cloves of garlic into a paste and apply the smelly mixture to your hair. Leave this in your hair for about 30 minutes, effectively smothering the lice . With a comb, dead lice can then be removed quite easily. Follow this method of weeding with thorough washing and inspection for at least an additional week.

Baby Oil: The unique recipe for Home Lice Remedies includes baby oil, washing powder and white vinegar. You should first wash your hair thoroughly with baby oil, followed by a wash with a small amount of laundry detergent. Apply white vinegar to your hair under a shower that night before going to sleep and all your lice will be gone by morning.

Salt: Mix salt in vinegar and apply the combination to your hair for quick results and a lot ofdead lice . This is a strong combo, so it doesn’t take much. Apply the mixture with a spray bottle, then wear a shower cap to sleep. In the morning, shampoo and conditioner your hair and comb through it with a fine-tooth comb. No more lice!

Vaseline: Although Vaseline is not made for the head, use it if you have head lice as it is one of the quickest and most effective home remedies for head lice . Let the Vaseline sit overnight and then wash it off with baby oil, followed by a full bath. Vaseline can easily clog pores, so avoid getting too much on your skin except your scalp.

home remedies for lice

Tea tree oil: For a less intense experience but with a similar result, you can use tea tree oil. This essential oil is already a natural insecticide and is less harmful to your skin. It’s a little more expensive, but only a small amount is needed to get the job done. Mix tea tree oil with some coconut oil and regular shampoo for a powerful hair cleansing combination. Sleep with a shower cap and in the morning wash your hair with shampoo. Then comb carefully to remove anyremaining lice .

Lavender essential oil: You can find it at any herbalist’s, but make sure it’s pure lavender oil, with no mixtures. If you prefer, you can also make your own homemade lavender oil. Apply lavender oil to the roots of the hair, massage the head well (wear gloves if you apply it with your hands).

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Apple cider vinegar: it is aggressive enough towards these microscope bodies to finish them off. This Home Lice Remedies is much more effective against nits or lice eggs . Bear in mind that if there are many and already grown, it may not have a 100% effect, but you can apply it as a first alternative and see the effect it causes. Mix hot water and vinegar in equal parts and apply, always on dry hair.

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