Healthy foods for skin health!

The healthy foods for skin health that you might not know about. In addition, the skin is an organ that performs multiple functions: first, it acts as a barrier against mechanical (trauma), chemical (water and solutions), thermal, infectious, physical (electromagnetic radiation and electrical currents) agents. The dermis also provides valid mechanical support thanks to the presence of connective fibers, which allow the body’s surface to absorb trauma and pressure exerted by weight or other objects; it also prevents water loss due to dispersion; the impermeability of the epidermis, in fact, does not allow the entry or escape of water and proteins (only small fat-soluble molecules can be absorbed by the epidermis).

The skin also participates in thermoregulation, providing the dispersion of regulated heat through skin circulation and sweating: the hypodermis prevents the thermal release from being too fast due to irradiation and conduction, guaranteeing the organism a kind of insulation; subcutaneous tissue is also the main nutritional reserve in humans and adipocytes synthesize hormones that are important in controlling hunger.

Therefore, keeping the skin healthy is of extra importance for the general health of the body and with that in mind, we created this article to present some foods that are essential for skin health . So, check them out!


Chestnuts are among the main sources of vegetable protein and are rich in vitamins and fiber . In addition, it can be taken easily, helping to keep the body well nourished even without time to prepare a food with more nutrients.


Eggs have nutrients that help improve skin health . Therefore, it is important to consume foods rich in this food. It is worth remembering that eggs are a great source of protein and still offer rapid absorption.


Apple is a great food to keep the skin healthy, as it is rich in fibers that help promote the proper functioning of the intestine. The fruit still has vitamin A and vitamins from the B complex, which help in cell renewal.


Food is rich in fibers that regulate the functioning of the intestine and sweep toxins from the body. In addition, regular consumption of oatmeal is beneficial for skin health .


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The collagen present in gelatin is important in the healing, regeneration and support of tissues and cells.

Other healthy skin foods:

  • Coconut oil ;
  • Uva;
  • Tomato;
  • Goji Berry;
  • Avocado;
  • Manga;
  • Sweet potato.

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